Guangxi official signs 'mistress keeping agreement' with married woman, promising to date her at least once a week


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Keep mistress,Agreement

Tao promised in this agreement that he would date his mistress at least once a week and take care of her livelihood. Enjoy below the entire translated agreement. 

An official from Guigang city, Guangxi province was fired after the so called 'mistress keeping agreement' he signed with a married woman went viral online.

China's characteristic mistress-led anti-corruption mechanism took effect in another case.

Tao Yi, a tax bureau official from Guigang city, Guangxi in southwest China was fired after investigation proved that the disclosed "keeping mistress agreement" he signed with a married woman was genuine, Nanguo Morning News reported.

The picture of the agreement first surfaced in some forums on November 3rd and since then it has spread wildly on Chinese social media. But actually as early as October 16th, reporters from the Nanguo Morning News had received tip-off on this affair.

According to the local newspaper, Tao Yi, who had been fed up with his wife for years, met the Guangdong woman surnamed Fan in June 2012, who at that time worked as salesman in an entertainment center in Guigang.

Shortly after they knew each other, Tao told Fan he fell in love with her and promised to marry her as long as she would devoice with her husband. They began to date frequently.

But their relationship endured an ordeal in March 2013. On the evening of March 28, Fan was angered when she saw a young woman sitting on Tao’s legs at a barbecue stand. Tao explained to her that the young woman was his cousin and to show his  loyalty to her, Tao signed the agreement with her which was later called "mistress keeping agreement" by Chinese netizens.

But the agreement could not assure that their affection to each other would last forever. Their relationship started to sour especially after Fan devoiced from her husband in May and asked Tao to marry her.

Some family member of Tao contacted Fan in early June and bought the original copy of the agreement from Fan at a cost of 30,000 yuan which was paid as a mental compensation.

But before long Fan thought the price of 30,000 yuan too low and demanded from Tao another 100,000 yuan, which Tao refused.

Tao’s refusal to pay the 100,000 yuan finally brought the once sweet relationship to the opposite. They became enemy to each other. Soon their affairs was disclosed to the media and went online.

Finally, let us have a look at the agreement:

1. Either party should not have affairs with a third party before the end of their relationship.

2. The two parties should meet each other at least once a week.

3. The two parties should only break up their relationship in written form in case their relationship is in difficulty.

4. If the article one is violated, a one-time mental compensation of 10,000 yuan should be paid to the victim, so applies to the other articles.

5. The female party should not interfere with and disturb the working, family issues of the male party, otherwise should be punished according to certain regulations.

6. The male party should take care of the livelihood of the female party, the exact sum of money is set by negotiation between the two parties.

We should say that the agreement appears to be very good written with rights and responsibilities of both parties being clearly listed. And the compensation of 30,000 Tao's family paid to Fan appears to be in accordance with the agreement.

I believe his fellow officials have learned a lesson from Tao Yi, namely: having however many mistresses is of no problem, but never leave a handle to the mistresses, even if you are confident of your relationship.

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