Middle aged Liaoning man swallows 10-cm-long knife because he feels wronged by others; Saved without any harm after a whole day


Chinese Society  Updated:Sun, Nov 10, 2013 08:32 AM   By Bernd Chang


Swallow knife

A 3D CT scan image shows a long and sharp knife was stuck in the lower part of the man's esophagus. 

A sulky middle aged man from Shenyang, Liaoning province was saved one day after swallowing a 10-centimeter-long sharp knife.

It is difficult to understand anyone will swallow a 10-centimeter-long sharp knife, and it is even unbelievable that this human can survive one day after doing so.

But that is just what happened to a middle aged man in his forties from Shenyang in Northeast China’s Liaoning province, according to a Shenyang Evening News report on Friday.

The man swallowed the knife because he felt wronged by others. But his family members only noted his abnormality and rushed him to hospital after almost a whole day. Examining him with a 3D CT test, doctors found that a long and sharp knife with the edge cut in a half cut-open ballpoint pen refill was stuck in the narrow lower part of his esophagus.

After the knife was taken out with help of an esophagoscope and a pair of pincers, the man was saved almost completely unharmed.

"The next time I will never swallow a knife when I sulk", the man said as soon as he was able to speak again.

The reason why the man can survive one day after swallowing a knife, Doctor Zhao Ning said the ballpoint ball refill saved his life, otherwise the sharp edge of the knife should have cut open an artery or the trachea and killed him.

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