Leading characters in Tianlin Street Incident admit they know each other


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Tianlin Street Incident,田林街事件

Clip of sexual assault on street posted online. 

Recently a 38-second video clip titled “Tianlin Street Incident (田林街事件)” is widely circulating on the web and shocks the netizens across the country. The video clip shows a man sexually assaulting a half-naked young woman on Tianlin Street of Shanghai. The leading characters admit they know each other and they were drunk when the clip was taken,according to local media.

May 4,2011,Shanghai - Yesterday a local reporter of Morning Post in Shanghai confirmed after investigation that the Tianlin Street Incident (田林街事件) took place at 3:30pm on April 30 in front of a certain shop on Tianlin Street of Shanghai. At that moment the man and woman were drunken.After someone called the police,the two people were taken away shortly by police.

A man sexually assaulted a woman in the broad daylight

The 38-second video clip titled “Tianlin Street Incident ” is widely circulating on the web and shocks the netizens across the country. The video shows a man in black suit sexually assaulted a woman in broad daylight in front of a garment shop on Tianlin Street of Xuhui District, Shanghai. The man firstly kissed the woman’s face, and then even lifted up her top and sucked on her breasts. The woman seems to have been drunk or given drug in the video. She attempted to resist, but fell flat onto the ground. The video also shows there were several people passers-by in the scene, but they were just attracted to have a look and walked away. A fat man dressed in a uniform like a security guard stopped in front of them to watch for a few seconds and then left too. The video ends when some one said, “Here comes the police.”

While the man’s indecent act angered the netizens across the country, the netizens are also very disappointed at the passers-by because no one even stepped out to help the woman. Some said, people are heartless now because of living under this harmonized society. No one wants to get himself into trouble if the incident is nothing to do with him.

The man and woman smelt strong alcohol odour when the clip was taken

Miss Sun,shop owner of the garment shop, told reporter that she first heard the knock on the glass,then she came to the door and found a man and woman fell on the glass wall of her shop. Though she was about 2 meters away from the two people, she could easily smelt a strong alcohol odour emitted from the two persons.The man even spoke loudly but his voice was not clear.The man managed to stand up and tried to pull the woman up,during which the blouse of the woman fell off. However the evil man did not pull down her dress to cover her body; instead, he took the advantage to suck on her breasts.

The man and woman know each

Miss Sun said, “My colleague and I tried to talk to the man, but he didn’t listen. So we called the police.” “The man must be sick. A normal person won’t do that.”

The local reporter later learned from other source that the two admitted to police that they knew each other after they were taken to the local police station, and said sorry for their disgraceful act because they were drunk. After criticizing and educating the two persons, police let them go.

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