Never to practice driving on ROOFTOP of buildings as what the Lanzhou brother and sister did that cost their lives in seconds

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Two young locals died in motorbike accident when practicing driving on the flat roof of a commercial building in Lanzhou which has an area of about 200 square meters.

A brother and sister died from a motorcycle accident when the brother trained the sister to learn how to ride motorbike on rooftop of a 15 meters tall building in Lanzhou, May 29.


It causes no problem that roof of a building is used for playing chess, as place for people to enjoy the cool in summer evenings, or rarely, as place for building roof villas, for planting crops. But it is totally dangerous to practice driving on building rooftop.

A brother and sister died after the motorcycle they drove fell from the roof top of a 15 meters tall building in Lanzhou, capital city of Northwest China’s Gansu province on the afternoon of May 29, Lanzhou Evening News reports.

Driving practice accident

Police cordons off the accident area

driving practice on rooftop kills brother and sister

The brother and sister with the surname Hu are both in their 20s. On the afternoon of May 29, they came from the suburb to visit their relatives working in the Wenzhou Commercial City. And because the relatives were busy, they wandered around and easily found a good place to kill time: the flat roof top of the commercial building.

They went up to the roof top through a side slope. The brother would teach the sister to learn how to ride a motorcycle on the roof which has an area of about 200 square meters.

They really had chosen the wrong place to practice driving since the rooftop of the building has no guardrail to prevent even a minor operation error from causing horrible consequences, especially when the trainer and student wear no safety helmet.

And it did happen. During the driving practice, possibly due to the operation mistake of the brother, the uncontrolled motorbike with both brother and sister on it was seen dashing off the rooftop, bumping into the wall of another building 6 meters away and then falling on the hard concrete ground, killing both the brother and sister.


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