'Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory, this house belongs to Xie Taiyang'; Jiangxi man erects stone monument protesting against forced demolition


Chinese Society  Updated:Wed, Nov 27, 2013 09:27 AM   By Bernd Chang


Forced demolition,Diaoyu

The stone monument with inscription reading 'Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory' was supposed to be used to safeguard the legal rights of the house owner Xie Taiyang. 

Jiangxi man erected stone monument saying 'Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory, this house belongs to Xie Taiyang' but failed to protect his house from being demolished.

A stone monument erected on a construction site in Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province has drawn a large crowd of spectators online, Xinhua reported on Monday.

Bearing an inscription reading "Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory; This house belongs to Xie Taiyang", the stone monument was supposed to be erected by the household owner named Xie Taiyang intending to protect his house from being demolished by force.

A passer-by spotted the stone monument on an earth slope with bulldozers running around it in a construction site in Zhangjiang New Zone of Ganzhou city.  The passer-by did not find any house near the monument and thought the house possibly had been demolished.

In recent years, Chinese house owners have tried a variety of measurements such as holding up Chinese national flag, hiring dummy, or putting up banners etc. to protect their houses from being forcefully demolished or protest against it. But for most of them, as some Chinese netizens point out, these measures and protests usually end up in vain, just as the pale struggle of Chinese government over the Diaoyu Islands (which has been occupied by Japan).

NetEase user Nickelson: You can not protect your house but worry about the Diaoyu Dao all the day. You are really an inborn flunkey while seeing matters like an emperor.    

NetEase user 冷眼路过秒杀MM : We are even not able to protect our home, what does Diaoyu Dao matter to us common folk? The state does not care its people, what do the people love the state for?

A NetEase user from Huzhou city, Zhejiang province: The fate of the house is the same as the Diaoyu Dao.

NetEase user 一11币是个女子学木交 : Diaoyu Dao is occupied by Japs, home is seized by bandits! You have no choice other than fighting with your life.

NetEase user from Hong Kong: You can not protect the sovereignty of your house, how can you talk about incessantly  the sovereignty of Diaoyu Island?


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