Jiangsu man conducts self castration because wife restricts sexual frequency to once a year to punish him for being unable to afford an apartment


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A 38 years old man from Jiangsu province cut off one of his testicles with his own hands after a quarrel with his wife over his inability to afford an apartment on August 1, 2013.

The tragedy happened in a rented apartment in Wuzhong district, Suzhou city, Jiangsu province early morning August 1, 2013. The 38 years old man with the surname Tang cut off one of his testicles with a razor because his wife repeatedly complains about his inability to buy a house and even restricts sexual frequency with him to only once a year as an impetus to encourage her man to make more money, according to a report from China North News.

The rocketing housing price in China has driven many people mad, especially the men.

It is widely circulated among Chinese netizens that if young Chinese man can not afford a house, he may not be able to marry a wife. Although the man in this story does not need to worry about being single after ten years of marriage, he is not happy at all, as his wife restricts sexual frequency with him to once a year, a level amounting to no sex, just because he is unable to afford an apartment for their family.

It is understood the 38-year-old Jiangsu man has been put in a very distressed situation.

Mr. Tang works hard as an electrician and earns only 2000 yuan a month. In a city where apartments usually cost 10000 to 20000 (1600 USD to 3200 USD) per square meter, what he can do is just to sigh and condemn the greedy real estate developers.

But the unhappy wife will never give up her China dream of owning an apartment and repeatedly complains about his inability of buying a house. And the couple are frequently in quarrel over the house.

 To encourage his man to make more effort, the woman set a rule some time ago that she would only have sex with him once a year until he buys a house. This rule apparently adds to the distress of the man.

Then on the early morning of August 1, 2013, the couple fell into a quarrel again over the house. The distressed and perturbed man finally broke out, he took his razor, smashed it on himself: he cut off one of his testicles!

Good thing is that the 38-year-old man soon calmed down, considering he has two children to support: one is five, one is 3 years old. He had no choice but to go to see doctor in nearby Yongzhi People’s Hospital by himself.

When he arrived at the hospital at 2 am in the early morning with both trousers red-dyed by blood, doctors were surprised to find the man lost a testicle. The man was in total agony and bad mood at that time and refused to tell anything at first.

According to the doctor responsible for treating him, Tang is now in a stable situation and has no life risk. But since the testicle was thrown away, it is impossible to replant it. The loss of one testicle will affect his fertility and he may have to take some male hormone.

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