'Do not touch me, I am a pile of shit', says a note affixed on a newborn baby's face by hospital stuff in Hunan


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Pile of shit,Medical malpractice

The note saying "Do not touch me, I am a pile of shit" sticking on face of the newborn baby angers the parents. 

Before the dispute whether it is the medical malpractice of the hospital that leads to a newborn' sickness is resolved, the parents becomes even outraged to see the note saying 'I am pile of shit' affixed on the face of their baby by hospital staff.

Giving birth to a baby is a happy moment for most parents, but for Ms. Tang, the fresh mother that gave her first baby boy Haohao in the Yueyang City Maternal and Child Care hospital, it has been a disturbing period.

The boy was born healthy on the early morning of June 7, 2013 and both mother and son were assessed as safe by the hospital in Yueyang city in central China's Hunan province.

One day after his birth, however, at around 4 pm June 8, Haohao suddenly started to vomit and went in a spasm. He was sent to the pediatric department for newborns and diagnosed to suffer from intracranial hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

According to the newborn baby’s father Mr. Zhou, Haohao appeared to be sick only after the nurse taking care of him gave an injection to him, which has been denied by the nurse.

But a neighboring fresh mother in the same ward testified that she had seen the nurse giving injection to his baby.

The two sides both insisted on their own standing and could not solve the dispute after a month’s treatment of the baby.  It is easily understood that both the parents and the nurse dislike each other.

But what happened on July 4th makes the animosity even worse. Ms. Tang was astonished and totally angered to see the note affixed on the face of her newborn baby that says "Do not touch me, I am a pile of shit".

The note was apparently left by the hospital stuff. Feeling her baby severely insulted, Ms. Tang burst into tears.

After repeated request, the vice dean of the hospital, Mr. Huang Jianjun received interview from a reporter from the local Yueyang Daily. Mr. Huang refused to acknowledge it was the medical malpractice of the hospital that caused the baby sick.

We sent the baby to the pediatric department for newborns as soon as we found he went into convulsions. The baby suffers from intracranial hemorrhage, which  is a complication of the giving birth process. After 20-days treatment, the baby is basically coming through. We will try our best to cure his disease without preconditions.

As to the insulting note sticking to the face of the child, Huang Jianjun said it was a joke of two nurses who intended to stick the note on body of the other side instead of the baby.

Mr. Huang said the hospital had required the nurses to apologize to the family.

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