Hubei man detained for exaggerating traffic accident death toll

Updated:Sun, Sep 1, 2013 01:52 AM   By Bernd Chang

Spreading rumor,Online rumor mongers

China engages war on online rumor mongers (image via People's Daily)

Shiyan police detained a netizen with the surname Xue when he reported the death toll in a traffic accident as seven when it was three.


A netizen from Shiyan, Hubei province was detained on August 29 when he reported the number of dead in a traffic accident as seven, when it was three according to official account, China Daily reported on August 30:

On July 21st, a traffic accident happened in Wudangshan Special District, killing 3.  At sensitive juncture when the authorities were dealing with the accident and aftermath, Xue, in the nickname Wudangpiao, intentionally fabricated false information and posted messages on several forums and Baidu Tiebas with illustrating pictures, claiming 7 people were killed in the accident.

The man may not enjoy the title that he is the first netizen in Shiyan city that has been arrested for spreading rumors online since local police started the campaign against internet crime. He was punished with administrative detention lasting for five days.



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