Is the Henan man digging out a basement in own house in order to find bank savings books left by late wife?


Chinese Society  Updated:Tue, May 26, 2015 05:53 AM   By Bernd Chang


Dig out hole,Look like basement

The hole is so large that looks like a cellar. 

A man from Henan dug out a 2-meter wide, 3-meter long and 3-meter deep hole on own house floor in order to find the bank savings book left by late wife.

The story was told by a netizen who was surprised by what he saw at a visit to a  villager in Luji village, Huaiyang county, Henan province: a large hole that was approximately 2 meters wide, 3 meters long and 3 meters deep had been dug out in the relatively narrow living room, looking like the construction site for a basement.

  The awkward house owner explained he dug out the hole in order to find the bank books his late wife left. The man and his wife worked at a construction site before his wife died from an accident. Before leaving him forever, the wife told her husband that she hid several bank books with a total amount of money at 40 thousand RMB under the ground of their living room.

Shortly after the death of his wife, the man started the searching project by digging out the living room after failing to find the bank books throughout their home.

However, after one month’s hard work, the man still could not find the bank books even when the hole was already such large that looked like a cellar.

But the man will not give up until he finds the bank books since he believes his wife would not lie to him, according to the Dahe report.

We wish him good luck.

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