Henan civil servant in the sex dungeon case sentenced to death, three of the sex slaves found guilty as accomplices in killing two of their fellow captives

Updated:Sun, Dec 2, 2012 00:35 AM   By Bernd Chang

Luo yang sex slaves case,Sex dungeon

Henan civil servant Li Hao spent about two years digging two small rooms 4 meters beneath a basement before abducting the girls, who all worked at nightclubs and karaoke bars. The underground prison was where the women ate, slept and defecated in and where the two killed were buried.

Henan civil servant Li Hao was sentenced to death for confining 6 women in the sex dungeon he secretly dug and killing 2 by a court in Luoyang of Henan in central China on Friday. And three of the sex slaves found guilty as accomplices in killing the two of their fellow captives.


On the morning of November 30, 2012, Henan Intermediate People's Court sentenced Li Hao in the Luoyang sex slaves case to death penalty for intentional killing, raping women, organizing prostitution, illegal imprisonment of others, and making and propagating pornography. And three of the sex slaves also found guilty for helping Li Hao killing two of their fellow captives.

The Luoyang sex slaves case had created a big sensation in September of 2011 in China. See the background story Man confined 6 women as sex slaves, killed 2

34 years old Li Hao was a civil servant in the quality control supervision bureau of Luoyang, Henan province. According to the court, Li Hao thought of making money by confining women to perform sex show online in August 2009. He bought a basement and dug a 6 meter deep dungeon and abducted the 16-24 years old girls, who all worked at nightclubs and karaoke bars, within several months to his dungeon and confined them as sex slaves. During the confinement, Li Hao raped the captives for many times.

In later 2010, Li Hao killed one undocile sex slave with the help of his captive surnamed Duan. And in March and April, Li Hao started to organized his captives to perform pornographic show through internet to make money for him. In June, July of 2011, Li Hao coerced three of his captives surnamed respectively Duan, Jiang and Zhang to kill another fellow sex slave.

The two killed victims were buried also in Li Hao's sex dungeon.

In early september, Li Hao sent his captives to prostitute outside of his dungeon and one captive successfully escaped and she quickly called the Luoyang police. Li Hao had to escape with the help of his sister Li Yuan who was also charged for covering up the crime Li Hao committed.

Duan was sentenced for three years in prison for helping to kill two of her fellow captives, and Jiang, Zhang were placed on probation for helping to kill one of Li Hao 's sex salves.


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