Watch: Topless girl spotted begging for 15 yuan to buy food on her knees in the rain in Guangzhou


Chinese Society  Updated:Sat, Nov 16, 2013 04:06 AM   By Bernd Chang


Beggar,Topless girl

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A topless girl was spotted begging for money to buy food on her knees in the rain in Guangzhou, but no one showed largesse to lend a hand.

Child beggars are not scarce in China, but it is a rare scene that a girl tries to be successful in begging by baring her chest, as what happened on a rainy day in the prosperous southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

Recently a video clip has drawn wide attention online. In the video, a girl was seen taking off her T-shirt, revealing her bosom, crying on her knees: "I need 15 yuan, Uncle, can you give me 15 yuan to buy a meal!" Guangzhou Daily reported on Friday.

To gain more attention, the girl even made long wheezing in the open air and extended her hands helplessly. But even the exaggerated gesture did not earn her any good luck. After a while, seeing no one coming to show largesse, the girl put on her clothes again and left.

Chinese netizens’ reaction to the behavior of the girl varies. Some think of her as a cheater, as a girl suffering from mental disorders,  others criticize the indifferent passers-by for not lending a hand to the starving girl.

NetEase user Meilitoo: F**K, what kind of attitude it is? If you beg for money, just beg, why did you take off your clothes? To prove that you are really penniless?

NetEase user 我没叫快递:  After watching the video, I think the girl suffers from mental disorders.

NetEase user内阁总理大臣李鸿章:Have some basic sympathy, guys! She is obviously a patient with mental problems. Let it go at that no one came to help the poor girl, there are surprisingly so many people on the internet that make fun of her.  Chinese are all so despicable and inferior?

A NetEase user from Japan:  The girl is miserable  but absolutely not a patient of mental disease. These child beggars are all controlled by some one else who supervises them. They are just money-making tools of the one hiding at the dark.

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