Xi'an officials close down gutter oil refining workshop concealed in pig farm


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Gutter oil is being produced from hogwash in the pot and then extracted and transferred to the barrels. The remains are used to feed pigs. One barrel of gutter oil weighs about 200 kilograms and is sold at around 500 yuan. 

Law enforcement officers has closed down a gutter oil producing workshop run by a pig farmer in Xi’an, Shaanxi province.

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Receiving tip-offs, law enforcement officers has closed down a pig farm in Shuangfeng village, Xixian New District on the border of Xi’an and Xianyang city in northwestern China’s Shaanxi province, Xinhua reported.

Officials captured two big barrels of gutter oil in the pig farm.

“The pig-breeding farmer brings back hogwash in the evening and refine gutter oil from it the next morning, then the remains are used to feed pigs”, a witness working nearby with the surname Mr. Zheng told reporters. 

“In the summer of 2012, I saw with my own eyes that the farmer grew soybean sprouts in a pond containing the hogwash he recycled”, Mr. Zheng continued.

“The three big barrels are used to load gutter oil, and the farmer sells them without further treatment”, Mr. Zheng pointed at three barrels and continued, “The buyers come to his farm every two to three days and take away three to four barrels of gutter oil each time.”

With help of tip-offs from nearby residents, police and food and drug administration officials of Xi’an came to the pig farm and ordered the pig farmer Mr. Xu to destroy the gutter oil refining devices.

“The hogwash is all recycled from restaurants and eateries. The gutter oil refined from it is sold for money, and the hogwash residue is food for the pigs. One barrel of gutter oil weighs about 200 kilograms and is sold at 500 yuan”, the pig farmer Mr. Xu said.

The photos above tell much more vividly and inexplicitly than words how disgusting and stomach-turning the gutter oil refining workshop is for every visitor.

Anyway, do not be too upset by the scene. Xi'an officials concluded on the afternoon of January 4th after investigation that the gutter oil was not sold to cooking oil companies or directly to restaurants or street food vendors as it used to be, but was bought by a chemical engineering company and used as chemical raw materials.

Do the Xi'an officials tell the truth or they just say so to pacify the public? You decide.

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