Guangzhou Officials have concrete cones densely erected under viaducts to drive away tramps

Updated:Tue, Jul 3, 2012 08:43 AM   By Bernd Chang

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Dense concrete cones have been built under overline bridges in Guangzhou. And netizens say that the concrete cones are used by city administrative office to drive away homeless wanderers for fear that the wanderers would damage the city face.

Recently a report saying Guangzhou officials have contrete cones densely erected under viaducts to drive away homeless wanderers has caused controversy among Chinese netizens.
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Recently some netizens report through microbloggings that densely concrete cones have been erected under viaducts and overline bridges in Baiyun and Tianhe District of Guangzhou, capital city of southern Chinese province Guangdong. The microbloggings say additionally that the concrete cones are erected by city administration. And the purpose is to drive away city homeless wanderers so that the tramps would not damage the city face.

Reporters from Nanfang Metropolis Daily contacted many government departments concerning the concrete cones but so far not any government department has taken responsibility. According to some anonymous government employees, too many tramps and homeless wanderers were used to dwelling under the overline bridges, so city management officials decides to build the concrete cones to drive them away for safety concerns. And the government employees deny that they want to drive away the tramps for fear that they would damage the city face or appearance of Guangzhou City.

Contacted by the reporters, Guangzhou residents living near the street viaducts say that many homeless wanderers used the room under the bridges as their shelter and since the concrete cones were built, the place is not suitable for accommodation anymore and so the tramps have no choice but to move away.

The actions that government officials have concrete cones erected under viaducts immediately cause debate among Chinese netizens. A majority of comments on major Chinese news portal retain a critical tone against the government. Some netizens think that it is unthinkable that government officials pay large amount of public fund to drive away the bottom-class citizens. Other netizens say that the city management departments should treat tramps and homeless wanderers more humanely.


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