Are wild women even more cold-blooded than men? Five women beat up alleged mistress and strip her naked on street, ignoring the cry of her 4 years old daughter


Chinese Society  Updated:Fri, Aug 2, 2013 10:01 AM   By Bernd Chang


Mistress beaten up,Xiaosan

The attack happened suddenly when the alleged Xiaosan was ready to enter a residential complex in Lanzhou. Five women went directly to her, beat her up, stripped her naked in front of her little child. 

Mistress was beaten up in broad daylight: Alleged Xiaosan, or mistress of another woman’s husband, was shot beaten up and stripped naked by five furious women on street in Lanzhou; No passers-by came to stop the violence on cry of the victim’s 4 years old daughter.

A video clip  showing five wild women insulted, besieged another woman, stripped her naked and then threw faeces over her head on the street of Lanzhou has sparked outrage among Chinese netizens.

The incident happened near the gate of a residential complex in Qilihe district, Lanzhou, capital city of Northwest China’s Gansu province on the morning of March 24.

What has angered the public most is that the besiege happened in front of the victim’s four years old daughter. And it was also very distressing that not any bystander tried to stop the savage attack in broad daylight. Even the security guards of the residential complex did nothing except helping the victim to hang her stripped clothes over her private areas.

The video clip uploaded to Weibo on March 26th shows the whole story as below:

The attack happened suddenly when the young mother and her little daughter were ready to enter the residential complex. Five women, among whom four were 30-something and one was about 50 years old, went directly to the young mother, fling abuses at and beat her up.

“Beat you bitch to death! How dare you commit adultery again!” the attackers were heard shouting at the poor mother, implying she was a mistress.

With more passers-by stopping to look on, the five attackers started to strip clothes off the alleged Xiaosan. Minutes later the victim was stripped nude in front of a large crowd of onlookers.

It was shocking scenario that one of the attacking women even took out a prepared bottle of faeces and poured it over the head of the poor woman. And the five women were seen repeatedly attacking the private areas of the victim.

The insult and attack lasted for about one hour. From the beginning to the end, the alleged poor Xiaosan said little and could do nothing except trying hard to fend off the raining pounces, twisting and hurling.

It is especially heartbreaking that the attack was in the eyes of her four years old daughter and nobody tried to stop the violence under repeated crying for help of the little child.

Several private security guards of the residential complex were on the spot but they appeared to have tried to avoid trouble and done nothing to protect the young mother from being repeatedly beaten except helping the victim to hang her stripped clothes over her private areas.

Judging from the insulting words of the attackers, some witnesses thought the victim was a so called Xiaosan, or third woman, or simply mistress, and had a relationship with the husband of one of the five female attackers.

“No matter what was the cause, it is not legal to attack people on the street. If a man could come to separate the attackers and the victim forcefully, or if someone called the police in time, the incident should not have evolved to such a bad situation”, said a witness.

Although there are some netizens that think Xiaosan as a harmful element to the society deserves to be given a lesson, a majority of Chinese online commentators appear to be outraged by the attackers and call for legal action against the five women.

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