Eatery owner knelt to self-proclaimed civil servants couple finding a fly in food


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Fly in fast food,Civil servants couple

In the picture, the female owner of the small family-run restaurant knelt to the couple surnamed Fan and Shen who proclaimed themselves as civil servants. 

The female owner of a small restaurant in Chuxiong of Yunnan knelt to a couple finding a fly in the fast food they ordered, accoring to an online post. The couple called themselves as civil servants, which rejected by local officals.

On May 12, a Chinese netizen wrote a post in Jinbifang BBS. According to the online post, a couple calling themselves as civil servants forced the female owner of a small restaurant to kneel to them when they found a fly in the fast food they ordered. The incident happened in Chuxiong Yi Old Town of Yunnan Province. The couples proclaimed themselves as civil servants and added:"My father is security expert, my sister works in TV station. I myself work in bureau of commerce and industry. All my relatives are civil servants. I have also some brothers. If you do not compensate today, I make a call and they will level your restaurant. In the picture attached to the post, a female with the back to the camera knelt down before a young couple.

But the offical Weibo account of the local public security office rejected the statement that the couple in the picture were civil servants.

In the original post, in the morning of May 11, two women and one man had breakfast in an eatery called Yaoan Foul Tofu in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Region in Yunnan Province. The male customer found a fly in his bowl (When the fly appeared in the bowl is unknown) when he almost finished his food. The owner of the eatery immediately appologized, replaced another bowl of fast food for the man and promised not to charge the three customers for their consumption in her eatery.

But the wife of the man did not agree and said she was mad to see the fly in the bowl and felt pain in the heart. She added that her husband suffered from heart disease and was terrified by the fly. She required that her husband be sent to have body examination and that compensation for spirit loss and work delay loss be made for them three. The woman also called in work staff from customer association, bureau of commerce and industry, bureau of hygiene monitoring, police 110, and local TV program "Civil affairs Direct Connection". With mediation of the four parties (customer association, bureau of commerce and industry, bureau of hygiene monitoring and police 110), the female owner appologized to the customers for three times and compensated 100 RMB for the three customers on a scale of 10 times of the consumption sum.

But the two female customers were still not satisfied and repeated their requrement that spirit loss and work delay loss be compensated and body examination be conducted. In the meantime, the two women kept criticizing the owner with harsh words.

In the end, the female owner of the restaurant suddenly knelt down before the couples and begged for forgiveness.

In the afternoon the public security office of Chuxiong City said that the couple surnamed Fan and Shen were not civil servants according to their investigation and that the couple had no body contact with the female eatery owner surnamed Gong during the quarrel.
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