Does singlehood discrimination at work exist in China? Single woman required by boss to work overtime during National Day holiday because she is single

Updated:Wed, Oct 2, 2013 10:24 AM   By Bernd Chang

Singlehood discrimination,Sheng Nu

Are single women discriminated against at work? A leftover woman complained about working overtime during the National Day Holiday.

28-year-old single woman Miss Ning was asked to work overtime during the Chinese National Day holiday as her boss thought she has not boyfriend.


Miss Ning works as an office secretary in a company in Wuhan, Hubei province in central China. She feels uncomfortable these days not just because she has to work overtime during the Chinese National Day holiday, but what the boss uses as excuse: she has no boyfriend,  Xinhua reported via Chutian Metropolis Daily, October 2nd, 2013.

Miss Ning, at the age of 28 and being a single, now has been one of the millions of Sheng Nu (Leftover woman) in China. Having not come through from her last affair, Miss Ning fails in finding new boyfriend (to marry) although colleagues have introduced several guys for her.

Last Friday, her boss asked her: “Little Ning, where are you going for the coming National Day holiday?” Miss Ning shook her head and said she would relax at home instead of going on a tour.

“Then trouble yourself in working overtime during the holiday, we are asked to submit some documents to a client as soon as the holiday ends so the work has to be finished before that”, the boss said to her.

And before Ning reacted to the request, the boss continued, “Anyway, you have no boyfriend. It is better to work overtime for three times salary rather than stay alone at home.”

Ning is especially unhappy to the last words of the boss. “Although I can earn more in holiday than on routine working hours, I feel unfairly treated to have to stay alone in the empty office when others are enjoying the holiday.”

“I had not thought there is discrimination against singlehood in China”, Ning said angrily.


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