Chinese touched by an American sharing fries with an old Chinese beggar


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Chinese beggar,Low moral standards


At the gate of a McDonalds store, a handsome american young man called Jason Loose bought two bags of fries and gave one to an old female Chinese beggar. They sat side by side, eating and chatting. Chinese netizens are touched by the foreign guy and reminded of the low moral standards of China.

  • Chinese beggar
  • Chinese beggar
  • Chinese beggar


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May 5, 2012, Nanjing - At the gate of a MacDonalds store on Guangzhou Road in Nanjing, a handsome foreign young man bought two bags of fries and gave one to an old female Chinese beggar. They sat side by side, eating and chatting. The foreign guy even poured purified water for the beggar. The scene captured by a Chinese netizen and posted on Chinese internet has been wildly reposted and commented by Chinese netizens.

Jason Loose becomes an overnight celebrity in China completely out of his own expections. The young American man was surprised when a Chinese reporter from Xiandai Kuaibao wanted to interview him. "It is not a special thing at all. That you come to interview me for this thing make me a little shy. " The young American said to reporter, "They are human, I am also human. They deserve our respect and attention. It is really nothing to have had meal and chatted with them. "

What did they chat

Reporter: What did you chat with the old Chinese beggar?

Jason Loose: We chatted for a while and got acquainted with each other. She told me that she was over 80 years old and came from Anhui Province. She has just recently come to Nanjing. She had no choice but to live on begging because her children were unable to support her.

Reporter: Many Chinese keep away from beggars as soon as they see one. But you behaved to the contrary.

Jason Loose: I once worked as tubing worker under very dirty conditions. So I do not care whether my appearance is dirty as long as I am clean in the heart.

Reporter: Some Chinese say that you foreigners do not understand the national conditions of China. Most of beggars are cheaters and not deserve help from others.

Jason Loose: They are right. I really do not understand the conditions of China. I am only a temperary guest. I hope the old woman is not a cheater. But if she is really a cheater she must be a pitiful woman. I will still help if I am capable.

Reporter: There are also some Chinese netizens that say it is not healthy for old women to eat fried chips.

Jason Loose: I agree and I thank them for the reminding. I did not think of this carefully. If I have chance later I will provide some food such as fruit, steamed bun, etc.

Reaction from Chinese netizens

One Chinese netizen comments: The shine of humanity has surmounted language obstacles in the warm scene. When Chinese can dismantle their indifference due to vigilence before strangers, China will be called a real harmonious society. Another netizen commented: the young foreign guy does a very normal thing in western society, but that his conduct gets high attention in China shows that the moral standards of China have become very low.
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