Shrewd businessman: Chinese primary school student makes money by doing homework for classmates


Chinese Society  Updated:Fri, Aug 2, 2013 10:23 AM   By Bernd Chang


Make money by doing homework,Primary school student

Doing homework for others has long been a profitable business in China. In one aspect, Chinese students are overloaded with piles of homework and exercise books by their teachers, in other aspect, Chinese small emperors are not lack of money to pay classmates or professional homework-doers for doing homework for them. 

A primary school student made 3000 yuan during the winter vacation by doing holiday homework for his classmates. While appreciating the strong business sense of her son, the mother of the boy worries that money may have eroded her son.

The mother of the grade five primary school student noticed that her son did homework almost everyday during the 30-day long winter vacation. She was happy that his son was working harder on his subjects than before and rewarded him with a heavier red envelope (红包) than usual on the Chinese lunar new year’s eve. But when she asked his son why his teacher arranged so much homework for him, she was shocked by the answer that he was making money by doing homework for his classmates.

The business proved to be profitable. For every piece of homework, he charged his classmates 200 yuan. During the 30-day long winter holiday, he finished 16 exercise books including his own and made 3000 yuan, which is even more than a migrant worker can make per month.

The mother posted the story in a Shenzhen forum. While appreciating his son for his strong business sense, the mother expressed her worries that his son might have been eroded by money at a too early stage.

Chinese netizens echo the worry of the mother, with a majority opposing the strong business mind of the school child. Some netizens think as homework is assigned to improve academic performance of the schoolchildren, but the practice of doing homework to make money easily leads to the thought that money reigns everything else among the minors. “What an epoch it is at the moment! I do not understand why some praise the boy. It is a testimony that it is an era of worshiping money! The children take doing homework as a commodity because their parents are all money-mad”, commented a netizen.

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