Chinese officials forced woman to abort baby at 7 months for not paying fine of RMB40000

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Feng Jianmei and her aborted baby lay in bed at a hospital. Feng Jianmei, a 7-month pregnant woman was forced to have an abortion in West China's Shanxi Province in early June as she couldn't pay the fine of 40000 RMB for having a second child.

Seven-month pregnant mother Feng Jianmei in China was recently beaten by family planning officials and forced to abort her unborn daughter when her family could not afford RMB40000 fine. A graphic image of the aborted baby lying next to the mother has been posted on the Web and aroused indignation from the public.
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June 13, 2012, Xi'an - Feng Jianmei, a Chinese woman from northwestern Shaanxi Province of China was recently beaten by family planning officials and forced to abort her unborn daughter, according to a Weibo post. Worse still, she was seven months pregnant at the time. A graphic image of the aborted baby lying next to the mother has been posted on the Web and aroused national indignation.

It is her second baby. Her first baby is a girl and is already 5 years old. China's one-child policy applies to couples living in urban areas. A maximum of two children are allowed for couples living in rural areas if the first child is a girl. So according to national family planning policy, Feng Jianmei and her husband should be allowed to have a second baby. Indeed, they were in the process of preparing the required birth permit from authority.

But local family planning officials in Zengjia Township, Zhenping County, Ankang City of Shaanxi Province asked for RMB 40,000 (roughly 6300 USD) in fines from Feng Jianmei’s family since the family could not show the birth permit before being pregnant. And when they did not receive the money, a group of 20 thugs came to her house while her husband Deng Jiyuan was at work away from home, dragged her into a vehicle, and took her to an undisclosed location. Then they forced Feng Jianmei to sign an abortion "consent" form. They inked her thumb and pressed it forcibly against the form.

Toxins were then injected into the brain of her unborn daughter.

"The baby was lifeless, and she was all purple and blue. It is not my own choice. It is that they grasped my hand and forced me to sign the concent form!" said Feng Jianmei.

The forced abortion took place on June 3. After enduring painful contractions, Feng Jianmei gave birth on June 4 to her deceased child.

Deng Jiyuan said his wife pulled a knife against herself while thinking about her child. Feeling helpless, he said, "What can I do? I'm just an average worker. I have no power."

One-child policy of China

The one-child policy (simplified Chinese: 计划生育政策; literally "policy of birth planning") introduced in 1978 is the one-child limitation in the population control policy of the People's Republic of China. Chinese authorities claim that the policy has prevented 400 million births from 1979 to 2011.

According to 2010 Health Ministry statistics, the highest annual number of abortions was 14.37 million occurring in 1983 in China. Since 2000, the annual number of abortions has stablized at around 7 million. In 2008, China conducted 9.17 million abortions.

The one-child policy is controversial both within and outside China because of the manner in which the policy has been implemented. The policy has been implicated in an increase in forced abortions, female infanticide, and other rampant abuses by the local family planning officials, and has been suggested as a possible cause behind China's gender imbalance and rapid population aging.

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