Middle school headmaster dumps a trash bin of rubbish over head of girl student to punish her eating snacks during class, draws protest from the students


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Education through dumping rubbish,Middle school headmaster

In the classroom of clas 7 of grade 2, students revolt and demand an apology from their headmaster Zhou by writing "Zhou Ze'an apologize!" on the blackboard, Hongda Middle School, Xianju county, Zhejiang province, December 15, 2012. On December 12, the headmaster Zhou poured a trash bin of waste out over head of the girl student to punish her eating snack during class and said "It is my way of education". 

Chinese middle school students in Zhejiang province revolt and demand an apology from their headmaster Zhou who showed his way of education through dumping rubbish by pouring a trash bin of waste out over head of the girl student suspected to have eaten snacks during class.

  • Education through dumping rubbish
  • Education through dumping rubbish
  • Education through dumping rubbish


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Recently a post exposing a middle school headmaster dumped a trash-bin of litters over the head of a girl student has drawn wide attention among Chinese netizens.

According to the post, the headmaster, surnamed Zhou, of Hongda Middle School in Xianju county of Zhejiang province, suspecting a girl student eating snack during the class, went up to the girl and poured out a trash-bin of litters over her head, saying "This is just my way of education'.

School denies pouring out rubbishes on head of a girl student

A reporter from Zhejiang Online conducted an investigation into the incident. A teacher surnamed Zheng responded that the claim "Headmaster dumps rubbish on student" was not the fact. Another teacher said, "At the time I was accompanying president Zhou to inspect the classroom. President Zhou found the trash bin was full of litters. Thinking it was good chance to educate the students, President Zhou held up the trash bin and show it to the students, but possibly because there was too much rubbish in the trash bin and the fact that wind was blowing in the classroom, some of the rubbish fell on the desks. "

But students of the Seventh Class of Grade Two have different version of narrative, which is similar to the original internet post. On the evening of Dec. 12 the Headmaster Zhou came to inspect their class. Seeing a girl student looking herself in a mirror, Headmaster Zhou came up to her and confiscated the mirror. Before leaving the classroom, Zhou noticed the waste bin at the side of another girl was full of litters, among which some snack packaging material was lying. Suspecting the girl student eating snacks during class, Zhou went up to the girl, held up the waste bin and poured out all the litters in it over the head of the girl, and said "It is my way of education!".

Angry students hold up banners in classroom to protest against the headmaster's way of "education through dumping rubbish"

No matter whether the "education through rubbish" is intentional or accidental, the incident has aroused discontentment among the students. When the incident happened, the students of class 7 of grade 2 were having evening class. Some students immediately stood up and expressed their anger in the face of headmaster Zhou.

A teacher Mr. Yu confirmed that at that time some students jeered and kicked up a fuss. Mr Yu added that three chief teachers had been replaced for the class which was so disobedient to tame.

The reporter came to the classroom and noted the slogan on the blackboard saying "Zhou Zean should apologize!" , and on window of the classroom, a banner saying "Zhou Zean, apologize, show respect to us" was held up. Some student even posted on the school-focused bulletin board and demanded an apology from Zhou.

But the incident has waned down. Under high pressure, most of the students do not want to talk about this incident anymore. Some student confirm that last evening the school held a meeting and the chief teachers of classes all told students "just say I do not know if some reporter interviews you".
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