Man carrying a pet dog on his back for a walk moves Chinese netizens


Chinese Society  Updated:Fri, Aug 2, 2013 10:08 AM   By Bernd Chang


Carry dog on back,Dog lover

The man carrying a pet dog pickaback for a walk moves many Chinese. 

A Chinese dog lover was caught carrying his old pet dog on his back for a walk. The man explained he did so because his pet dog was 17 years old and unable to walk.

The most happy moment proves to be that someone carries you on his or her back when you are too old to walk on your own.

The dog in the picture must be envied by many Chinese old people in a country where a law has to be enacted requiring adult children to visit their aged parents regularly.

A Chinese man was caught carrying an old pet dog on his back for a walk. When a surprised passer-by could not help coming up and asking: “How can you bear such big dog on your back? Why not let it walk by itself”? The man turned back and explained in a serious manner: “He is 17 years old now and is too old to walk anymore. So I carry him pickaback for a walk and he is happy to see the outside world”.

The post has been spreading across Chinese social media since it was posted days ago. Many Chinese netizens simply added a word “being moved” and reposted it.

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