Chinese boy kneeling moves to attend national college entrance examination


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College entrance examination,Li Wei

At 8:30am on June 7,2011, Li Wei, at the height of only 1.2 meters, knelt on his amputated shanks, with his head upheld, and "walked" on the red carpet to attend national college entrance examination. 

A Chinese boy named Li Wei, amputated, has knelt for more than a dozen years to move to school. He participated in the 2011 national college entrance examination with hope that his life would change. His perseverance encourages netizens across the country to fight for their fate.

At 8:30am on June 7, 2011, a thousand high school students gathered at the gate of Hanyin County Middle School. With the whistling of the gate keeper, the gate opened, the students stepped on the red carpet specifically prepared by the school for the students.

(They were attending the annual national college entrance examination. With the enlargement of college enrollment and contracting number of high middle school students, this year more than 70 percent high middle school students will have chance to study in a college.)

Among them a 1.2meter tall boy attracted more attention, his name was Li Wei (李卫). He wore shoes but actually he had no feet. With unimaginable perseverance, Li Wei knelt all the way to enter the examination room.

Kneel more than one hour to go to school

Li Wei was born 21 year ago in a poor rural family in Puxi Township in Hanyin County of Shaanxi Province. His birth brought happiness for his family, but the happiness was suddenly broken by a tragic traffic accident on April 2, 1994. On that day, three year old Li Wei was hit down by a truck and his two legs were under the wheel of the truck. His feet were amputated to save his life. His life changed for ever from that accident.

At the age of seven, Li Wei was refused by primary schools at first,after repeated efforts of his parents and mediation from county education bureau,Li Wei finally could sit in the classroom, only two months after the beginning of a new semester.

In the first three school year, Li Wei was carried on the back by his parents to school everyday. When he was 10 years old, for one time his parents were so busy with farm work that they just put him at home, the unyielding Li Wei tried crawling and he succeeded in moving for more than one hour to school in this way. The teacher was surprised to see him appearing at the school gate. The days afterwards Li Wei persisted in crawling to school, and he began to try using his knees as feet and tried to go to school on these special “feet”. But the cost was huge. Only several days later his trousers were worn away and his two knees were rubbed to bleed. One day, Li Wei put his rest shanks in the shoes of his mother and tried to move and he succeeded. From that day on Li Wei kept kneeling to school.

Li Wei and other three members of his family resided in a 20 square meters of house made of sun-dried mud brick. But his parents pulled all their savings to support Li Wei for his education. Later when Li Wei studied drawing in provincial capital Xi’an, the cost went up to 4000 RMB for three months, which was almost equal to their annual earnings. “As long as the child can go out of this mountain to live on his own, it is worth borrowing money and even selling our blood to support him”, his mother said.

Dreaming of standing truly on the feet

Everyone is surprised to see that Li Wei can easily play table tennis and climb up stairs, some even doubt that Li Wei actually had feet, only with shorter leg.

Several years ago, Li Wei’s parents paid 2000 RMB to buy a pair of artificial legs for him. But maybe it was too late. After many years of kneeling, his two half legs were already too stiff to extend. It ached a lot when he tried to walk with the artificial legs. But the feeling was good, Li Wei said, “It is wonderful that I can finally stand up on my feet and I am even taller than my mother in the artificial legs”.

When he entered high middle school, Li Wei got interested in painting and began to study it. And he saw painting as a potential career for his future. Li Wei studied very hard and practiced drawing whenever he had time.

Li Wei failed to get enough marks in the 2010 national college entrance examination. He decided to continue his middle school study until he get accepted by a university. He said that although art was a luxurious dream for poor students, he would make every effort to realize the dream. To the relief of his parents, Li Wei was one of the top 20 in the painting examination organized by Chongqing Normal University. “I know my future is not a dream, I will live happily for every minute of my life. My future is not a dream, my heart throbs with the hope…”, on June 2, Li Wei sang loudly the popular song My Future Is Not a Dream with other students preparing for the forthcoming 2011 national college entrance examination which would take place from June 7 to 9.

Li Wei made a plan for his future. He would find a job after graduation from university. He could live on his own and make enough money to buy a better pair of artificial legs so that he could walk like a normal person. With this dream, Li Wei knelt on the red carpet to examination room for national college entrance examination.

Li Wei's deeds have been widely reported across the country. Many netizens comment and write posts to encourage him and also themselves to fight for their fate.
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