Do USA and Japan over-react to the newly announced Air Defense Identification Zone of China; Check the map: ADIZ of China VS that of Japan


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ADIZ,Air Defense Identification Zone

Which side is more hegemonic? China VS Japan over territorial claims: Red line is the newly announced Air Defense Identification Zone of China; Grey line is ADIZ of Japan; Yellow line is the Ease China Sea middle line proposed by China; Blue line is the Ease China Sea middle line proposed by Japan. Japan set its own ADIZ 50 years ago and the closest spot of the zone is only 130 kilometers away from China's coast.  

As US and Japan express concern over the recently announced Air Defense Identification Zone of China which includes the Diaoyu/Sinkaku Islands and part of the East China Sea, Chinese netizens are applauding the move.

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China’s Ministry of National Defense announced an "East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)" effective as of 10 am on November 23. The move of China has immediately sparked condemnation or concern from Japan and USA.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel issued separate statements that said the U.S. was “deeply concerned” about China’s announcement regarding the East China Sea air defense zone.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe calling the newly declared Chinese maritime air defense zone dangerous and unenforceable.

The zone overlaps the existing ADIZ of Japan. Let us have a look at the map and see which side is really more hegemonic than the other.

Chinese netizens have overwhelmingly expressed their objection to the allegations of Japan and USA,  considering the fact that Japan set its AIDZ as above showed and have effectively enforced it since the 1960s and even extended it westward by 22 kilometers (14 miles) in May 2013, viewed as an brazenly antagonizing and escalatory move.

Since Japan can have an ADIZ the closest spot of which is only 130 kilometers away from Chinese mainland, why should China’s air defense zone be called "unilateral" and "unacceptable"? And why US thinks it is natural that Japan could even expand its already very extensive ADIZ towards China by 22 kilometers in this year when the two sides were already mired in a diplomatic crisis over the archipelago on the East China Sea.

And never forget, the current souring relationship between China and Japan was completely initiated by Japan, which has become more and more nationalistic and insecure during the last decade facing the rising giant neighbor,  when it tried to consolidate its control of the disputed Diaoyu/Sinkaku Islands in last September by nationalizing the islands. Chinese communist leaders are actually more concerned over domestic stability and tried their best to avoid any conflict with its neighbors especially the stronger one as Japan, which has been allied with the superpower of the world USA. It is the unilateral action of Japan and the massive outrage of the Chinese people against the provocative move of Japan that forced the Chinese leadership to take more responsive measures.

The rage reaction of Japan and USA appears to reveal a platitude: this world is still a world ruled by old powers. Japan has been the economic and military leader in East Asia for the last one and a half centenary. And it takes it for granted to have set its ADIZ 50 years ago and expanded it to the door of its neighbor. When the new comers sets a similar zone, it calls it a threat and unacceptable. This kind of psychology is understandable since all humans dream to be the number one forever and usually react fiercely when others want to challenge his/her dominance. But the logic is groundless if you on the other hand repeatedly insisting building an harmonious world in which all nations are equal regardless of its population, land area, economy, etc.

A famous Confucious dictum says "Don't do to others what you don't want others to do to you", which is what we would like to give to our great neighbor Japan as advice.

We understand USA as an ally of Japan has the reason to stand on the side of Japan, but its standpoint on the Diaoyu/Sinkaku Islands sounds a bit like hypocrite at the best and a bitch at the worst. It says the U.S. doesn’t take a position on who has sovereignty over the islands, but recognizes they are under Japanese administration and vows to defend Japan against anyone who wants to change the statusquo that Japan controls the islands. Don't the US remarks sound as contradictory as the Chinese communist leadership enshrining the ten-thousand-mile-apart Mao Zedong thought and Three Represents in the same temple? Only idiot will believe USA takes a neutral standing between China and Japan as it has repeatedly expressed. You can stand side by side with Japan against China (and Taiwan since mainland China claims Diaoyu Islands because it thinks Diaoyu belongs to Taiwan and it regards Taiwan part of China), but please just explicitly express your real thought.

Anyway, it is also utmost stupid of Chinese generals to define this ADIZ at the moment because China has no capability to counter Japan not to mention USA at present in the airspace so far apart from its coast. Since you are not able to do it, better  hide you head and do not just add mockery to the world when airplanes of Japan and USA can fly freely over your air defense zone. But of course, this has nothing to do whether China is entitled to declear an ADIZ.

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