Changsha seafood restaurant introduces service provided by bikini waitress and offers free meal for all bikini-clad customers


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Bikini waitress,Bikini girls

A bikini waitress is serving customers in the seafood buffet restaurant called Jinxiangbao in Changsha. The restaurant also offers free consumption for all bikini-clad female clients as a promotion campaign. 

As an effort to draw more business, a seafood buffet restaurant in Changsha introduces service provided by bikini waitresses and offers free meal for all bikini-clad customers, drawing national attention.

  • Bikini waitress
  • Bikini waitress
  • Bikini waitress
  • Bikini waitress
  • Bikini waitress
  • Bikini waitress


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A seafood restaurant in Changsha in central China's Hunan province requires that all waitresses wear only bikini suit to serve the customers and offers free consumption for all bikini-clad female clients as a promotion campaign.

But the promotion campaign seems to have little effect, if not backfire, as some old customers who frequently come to enjoy the food are scared away by the sexy bikini waitresses, according to Changsha Evening News.

“Such restaurant is offending public decency”! a woman with the surname Zou said to Changsha Evening News. Bring her 16 years old son to the seafood buffet restaurant named Jinxiangbao (金香鮑, Golden Delicious Fish), Ms. Zou was surprised to find the waitresses that were previously in white uniform were all bikini-clad, exposing much of their flesh.

“During the meal, my son were apparently distracted by the bikini-clad waitresses”, she got angry and left the restaurant before finishing their meal.

A 20-something old girl said she felt embarrassed in this buffet restaurant. “We come here to enjoy the food, not to watch beauties”, said the girl.

Sure there are customers that feel good.

„It is interesting! I think it is great to enjoy the food served by bikini-clad beauties”, a male customer said to the reporter from Changsha Evening News.

The manager of the seafood buffet restaurant told Changsha Evening News that they did so as a promotion strategy.

“We want to create an atmosphere for the customers as if they were having food on the seabeach with beach themed decoration, seafood and bikini girls”, said the manager.

And the restaurant does feel pressure to survive the “winter of catering industry” of China. After new directive banning officials from lavish banquets were enacted by the new Chinese leadership with Xi Jinpin as the core, upper class restaurants across China including this one in Changsha has seen business falling sharply.

The promotion campaign also includes free meal for all female customers wearing bikinis. This is good news for some open-minded young girls.

The reporter that came to investigate found eight bikini girls were having meal round a table in the restaurant. “We think this serving style is very creative. We are students majoring in dancing in a nearby college. It is normal for us to wear bikini and we do not think it is unusual to come here to have free meal in bikini suits”, a girl with the surname Liu said to the reporter.

Actually it seems the biggest resistance against the promotion comes from inside the restaurant.

Not all waitresses are open-minded enough to wear only bikinis in the public. The restaurant had more than 50 waitresses before the promotion campaign, but 20 had chose to resign for being shy to wear only bikini and most of the rest 30 waitresses asked for sunglasses to avoid being recognized by old customers and acquaintances.
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