Calling uncivilized passengers as LOCUSTS, Beijing Subway sparks public outrage


Chinese Society  Updated:Sun, Nov 10, 2013 05:38 AM   By Bernd Chang


Locust,Beijing Subway


Beijing Subway draws public outrage when calling uncivilized passengers as locusts in a tweet promoting subway civilization.

The identity verified official weibo account of Beijing Subway was caught calling uncivilized passengers as locusts this afternoon in a tweet promoting subway civilization, Southern Metropolis Daily reported on Sunday.

The weibo has been deleted after it sparked outrage, but thanks to some netizens we have this snapshot of the @Beijing Subway tweet as above and the translation as below:

Beijing Subway V: #Civilization hand in hand with you# [Subway civilization discussion]  The Line 10 is scattered about in mess after “locusts” have left. The capital city of Beijing is well praised for its tolerance, but sometimes is also criticized for its over-tolerance. For those that intentionally destroy Capital Beijing with bad behaviors, what we can say is only that You are not welcome!

Comments from some Chinese netizens:

脱线的胖子:You are disqualified to choose the object of service as a public service provider.

Humpy:Locust, although used in a pair of quotation mark, is still an extreme insult to compatriots. You can not conduct personal attack at the passengers even if they behave badly. We ask Beijing subway authority to apologize to the public and punish those responsible.

张修茂:Beijing Subway is wrong if they refer locusts to strangers and migrants, but uncivilized behaviors should be condemned.

带上柳岩去日本:Is there any trash bin in the carriages?


Mainland Chinese have full right to be outraged by the term "locust" used to describe them, as it was first used by western powers in the early 20 century and has a strong colonial background. And this is one of the reasons for the high tension between Hong Kong and the mainland when a group of Hong Kong residents placed an advertisement in a popular tabloid calling people from mainland China locusts in early 2012.

While on Saturday thousands of American Chinese across USA were reported to have held  protests against ABC (American Broadcast Corporation) over a 6-year-old child’s "killing everyone in China" remark in Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Kids Table’ show although both Jimmy Kimmel and  ABC already apologized, we do not expect there will be (allowed) a street protest in Beijing against the Beijing Subway for their much more humiliating remark.

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