Wedding ceremony of Beijing gay couple tolerated and welcomed by the public, but ruined by a 'bastard' son


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Beijing Gay wedding ceremony,Gay wedding

Wearing wedding suit and gown, the old men gay couple in Beijing, are exchanging drinks and commitments with invited friends and colleagues wishing for them. The two men, both in their sixties, identified themselves as Dabao and Xiaobao, held their wedding ceremony on the afternoon of Jan. 30, 2013 in Pinggu District, Beijing. 

A Beijing gay couple in their sixties held wedding ceremony on Wednesday despite controversy and objection from their families.

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The gay wedding ceremony was held in a restaurant on the afternoon of Jan. 30, 2013 in Pinggu District, Beijing.

Wearing wedding suit and gown, the gay couple, both in their 60s, identified as Dabao (big treasure) and Xiaobao (small treasure) , exchanged drinks and commitments with each other that they would “never part from each other” in front of a dozen invited friends, colleagues and netizens.

What is significantly different from an ordinary wedding ceremony is the absence of family members and lack of blessings from their relatives.

The wedding ceremony which was announced several days before through their Weibo with the name The Love of Two Old Men should have been a successful one, as a group of friends had accepted their invitation to witness their happy moment and thousands of fans that are following them on Weibo had anticipated for a planned online live show at Six Rooms.

But all the happiness and anticipation for the wedding was ruined by the “bastard son”.

“The wedding was going smoothly and in a happy mood, but was destroyed by the bastard son! He turned over the tables, drove away the guests. We are left in agony and loss of our dignity! We are sorry to have stopped the online live show. Our Weibo followers, Six Rooms song fans, QQ friends and all other netizens that support us, you have waited to read our joke!” they wrote on their Weibo on Wednesday.

“Why outsiders bless us but our own son can not! He is lack of conscience! Why my own child that I raise to an adult will destroy my happiness!” they questioned.

The Beijing old gay couple firstly publicized their love on Weibo on January 18, 2013 and said that they are a retired teacher and a migrant worker making a living by delivering bottled water and that they got to know and fell in love with each other in Beijing.

Despite their differences in education and occupation, they are determined to love each other, live together and never part from each other, one of their microbloggings said.

On January 24th they announced to hold their wedding ceremony on 30th, and invite netizens to participate and wish for them.

"Netizens, are you willing to participate our wedding? to bless us for the late-coming love? If so please send your wishes! We will invite 25 friends only as the restaurant is too small. Although we will not be given a marriage certificate, we hope the love between two old men will be witnessed", they said on their Weibo.

“We are so exited but also in a rather nervous state to wait for tomorrow, when we, two old men, will hold our wedding ceremony. Netizens from all aspects of life, please wish for us! ”, they wrote on 29th.

They also posted photos on their Weibo microblogging, showing them hugging, kissing and sleeping on the same bed.

On Weibo, while some Chinese Twitter users said they could not understand their relationship and some questioned their motives, most respected their decision.

The two men, who said it is true love that binds them, have seen the fiercest objection to their same-sex marriage from their families, as one man's child is no longer speaking to him.

China still bans gay marriage. Homosexual love was outlawed as psychiatric disease before 2001. So far same sex love is still a taboo for the relatively conservative Chinese society.

According to report, as many as 30 million Chinese are gays or lesbians, but around 16 million gays married a female due to pressure from the family.
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