A male teacher lifted quilts of sleeping schoolgirls wearing only underwear


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Lifting quilt gate,Chengdu

Students were taking morning exercise in a vocational school. 

A male teacher in a vocational technical school furiously lifted the quilts of four sleeping girls wearing only underwear sparked debate in China about abuse of rights of the students by teacher.

May 1, 2011, Chengdu - Head teacher Mr. Li Ming in a vocational technical school was so infuriated by four schoolgirls who had not got up in time for the fourth time to participate in morning exercise that he stormed into the bed room and lifted the quilts of sleeping girls wearing only underwear. The girls felt “seriously hurt”, among whom a girl had to change class. Mr. Li refused to apologize to the girls, but expressed he would take more appropriate approaches for education of the school girls.

Sichuan Wuyuehua Vocational School stipulates that all new school students should get up in at 6:20 in the morning to take morning exercise beginning at 6:40. On the morning of April 29, Little He and her four roommates who accommodate in room 206 were absent from the morning exercise. And it was at least the fourth time that Little He and her roommates had been late for morning exercise. Head teacher Mr. Li Ming came to the room to investigate and find that the girls were still sleeping. Mr. Li was so infuriated that he lifted the quilts of the girls. So the Lifting Quilt Gate happened.

Class monitor Qiao Xiang telephoned the room 206 at 6:42 to ask the girls to participate the morning exercise but was ignored by the girls. At 6:50, Mr. Li came to the room and knocked on the door with heavy strength and laud shouting:”Open the door, this is Mr. Li!”. After about one minute, school girl Little He opened the door. Mr. Li came in but found that the other four girls were still asleep in warm quilts!

Mr. Li, in his twenties, could not control his temper, suddenly snatched the quilts of the girls, heavily threw the quilts on the ground, and then quickly left, leaving the girls who only wore underwear flurrying for the quilts to cover their bodies.

To the surprise of Mr. Li, his conducts under anger hurt the girls seriously. Little He who observed the entire affair and did not have her quilt lifted, still felt “ fainting”, “Some of my roommates who did not wear nightgown and only wore underwear cried at the time when their quilts were lifted by the male teacher.” Little He told reporters that she looked on when her roommates flurried to snatch their quilts to cover the body. Little He also observed the girls were the absent-minded after the incident which came to them in such a sudden that completely exceeded their imagination and acceptance.

After the incident, the two sides were once in a stalemate. Mr. Li refused to the requirement of the families of the girls that he should apologize. So far one girl had to change class. Mr. Li Ming indicated that in the future, in dealing with such situation, he would keep a cool head, then take a more appropriate way to educate the students.

The Lifting Quilt Gate sparks heavy discussion among Chinese netizens about the abuse of students'rights by teachers. While a majority of netizens praise Mr. Li for his high responsibility of caring the students, some think it is more appropriate that a female teacher had come to the room, some argue that Mr. Li abused the private matters of the girls and an apology is not enough.

[Translated from: 男教师因4名女学生未起床参加早操怒掀被子]

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