Nanjing officials erect 80 stakes along a 50-meter long section of sidewalk to keep vehicles outside of pedestrian street


Chinese Society  Updated:Sat, Jan 4, 2014 06:38 AM   By Bernd Chang


Partition stumps,Pedestrian street

Nanjing officials erected 80 stumps at entrance to the shopping and cultural street Changjiang Road that allows only pedestrians coming in and out. 

80 partition stakes were driven into the stone ground along a 50-meter-long section of sidewalk near the pedestrian street Changjiang Road in Nanjing as a measure to keep vehicles out.

The dense crowd of stakes at entrance to the pedestrian street Changjiang Road make shoppers and sightseeing visitors entering the street feel like passing through the quincuncial piles, a famous Chinese martial art, NetEase reported.

The Changjiang Road is one of the busiest shopping and sightseeing street in Nanjing with many artificial historical and cultural relics studded along it.

The densely crowded piles have sparked a debate among Chinese netizens. Some netizens criticize the Nanjing officials for wasting public money on minor issues, while others sigh over Chinese population quality.

NetEase user zhangrui3166: They should be used to prevent drivers from parking their vehicles there.

NetEase user恶心的国度: The bigger the project, the more the kickback.

NetEase user 空亦空 : Such measures are not necessary in a country where citizens voluntarily abide by the laws. The quincuncial piles reflect the long lasting problem: the quality of the Chinese people.  


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