Yet another case of child sexual abuse by male teacher on primary school girls draws public outrage

Updated:Fri, Aug 9, 2013 22:44 PM   By Bernd Chang

Child sexual abuse,Left behind Children

Tao Biaogong abused the school girls usually in the name of helping them with the homework and after the abuse, he would warn them not to tell their grandparents. All the victims are left behind children.

Yet another child sexual abuse case happened in Ruichang city, Jiangxi province. The suspect 62 years old teacher Tao Biaogong has been taken in custody by police, reported Xinmin Weekly.


62 years old man Tao Biaogong had been a regular teacher in the township middle school, but later was demoted to a temporary teacher in Shangyuan Primary School because he violated Chinese family planning law.

It has been a public secret among the school girls of Class One, Grade Two in Shangyuan Primary School that their chief teacher Tao, who is even older than their grandparents, like to molest their private area.

According to memory of some of the six victim girls, Tao started to sexually abuse them two years ago when they were in the first year in the primary school.

Tao abused the school girls usually in the name of helping them with the homework and after the abuse, he would warn them not to tell their grandparents. In the villages where most children are left-behind by their parents who go to work in cities hundred or thousand kilometers away from their home, the crime can be kept secret forever as long as their careless grandparents do not know.

The frequent sexual abuse of children only surfaced this July when one victim Little Xia went to Hangzhou on July 2nd to spend the summer holiday where her parents are working as migrant workers. Her mother Ms. Jian accidentally found that the private area of her daughter was red and swollen, and even some pimples were growing there. Under repeated questioning, the daughter told that her teacher Tao Biaogong had frequently molested her private area.

Then she took Little Xia to hospital and the girl was diagnosed to suffer from pointed wart together with mycoplasma infection, which belongs to sexual disease.

The surprised and painful Jian went back to hometown and conducted some investigation and found at least five other girls had been sexually abused by the same teacher. Until notified by Jian, all parents of the five girls had knew nothing about the suffering of their daughters.

On July 5, Ruichang police detained Tao Biaogong when receiving call from the victims’ mothers.

The child sexual abuse case has drawn nationwide outrage. But what angers Chinese public even more is the reaction from the local officials.

Under questioning from the victim parents, Jiang Xianzhi, the female vice mayor and educational bureau chief of Ruichang agreed to allocate at most 50,000 yuan (8000 USD) as humanity compensation to the families. But her other words send chilling wind to the public.  Jiang Xianzhi was quoted by Xinmin Weekly as saying:

The teacher has been arrested, the headmaster has been sacked, aren’t we taking responsible attitude?

If my own child had encountered such abuse, I would bring her to an unknown place to treat her disease and never ask a penny from the government as compensation.

This sexual abuse case is the latest in a spate of highly publicized scandals involving China’s corrupted and immoral teachers.

The most outrageous case involved a school principal and a government employee accused of sexually molesting six primary school pupils in hotels in Wanning and Haikou , Hainan province, on May 8, 2013.

Primary school headmaster Yang Qifa was arrested in March 2013 for molesting and raping 9 school children girls during a span of 12 years. The girls were aged from 6 to ten when they were sexually abused.

55-year-old primary school teacher Yang Sifu from Dongbo county, Nanyang city, Henan province was arrested in May 2013 for molesting 20 primary school girls and raping 2 children girls. His crime was discovered by a boy during a normal class who then told his parents.

A former deputy school principal in China’s Hebei province has been arrested on allegations of raping and killing a six-year-old girl in August, 2013.


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