Wuhan hospital opens VIP sex wards furnished with adjustable double bed, sex toys and videos to treat infertility by inspiring sexual passion


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Sex ward,Nuptial chamber

The indoor apprearence of a sex ward of the Songziniao hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province, December 28, 2012. The luxury wards equipped with red lamps, automatically adjustable bed and sofa, sex toys, sex education videos are intended to treat infertility by providing a compfortable and sexual passion inspiring place for couples having problems in conceiving babies.  

A hospital in Wuhan has recently opened VIP sex wards for couples having problems in conceiving baby. Furnished with adjustable sex bed and couch, sex toys, sex skills videos and pictures, promoted as 'second nuptial chamber', the luxury wards are established to treat infertility.

  • Sex ward
  • Sex ward
  • Sex ward
  • Sex ward
  • Sex ward


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A hospital in Wuhan has recently opened VIP patient wards for infertile patients and couples having problems in conceiving babies. The wards are furnished with all necessary furniture and tools for easy and successful sex except condom. Promoted as 'second nuptial chamber', the luxury decoration and furniture in the room are to encourage pregnancy by inspiring sexual passion for the patients.

The luxury wards, dubbed by Chinese media as "sex wards", each has an area of 50 square meters. The standard furnishing includes red lamps, sex toys, automatically adjustable sex double bed and couch, pictures illustrating human genital structure. And sex skill videos, nurse uniform and air hostess costumes are available on request.

Expert will come to bedside to watch and give advice on sex skills

According to a report, expert will come to provide sex skills advice when the potentially infertile couple have sex in the VIP sex ward.

The purpose of establishing the sex wards is to treat infertility for couples having problems in conceiving a baby. The expensive decoration is used to inspire sexual passion among the couples being treated. And pregnancy will be achieved through a successful sex.

According the architect of the special patient ward, the cost for decoration and furniture for each ward is up to 200,000 RMB. And the fee for customers having sex in the hotel-like suite is not cheap. The discounted price is 880 RMB per night per couple.

The luxury wards are promoted as “Second Nuptial Chamber”

The Songziniao hospital located in Wuhan in central China's Hubei province, was reported to be endorsed by famous CCTV moderator Ni Ping (倪萍).

But during a press conference held on December 24 by the hospital, a spokesman denied the allegation and said Ni Ping was only a compassion figure, among other entertainment celebrities, of a fund in name of the hospital.

The purpose of establishing the "Second Nuptial Chamber" wards is to provide an comfortable and appropriate environment to inspire sexual passion for infertile couples, said Wang Shengdong, president of the hospital, "Nowadays due to the deterioration of China's ecological environment, people feel great pressure for survival. Some Chinese do not understand getting pregnant is also a technical job. It is actually not as easy as we usually see in a TV drama to get pregnant. A sperm has a life of 3 to 5 days and an egg survives only 12 hours. A new healthy life will be born only when a sperm meets an egg in appropriate place, time and environment."

Couple with doctor degree mistake the navel for the vagina

According to the sex professor Peng Xiaohui from Huazhong Normal University invited to the press conference, they once treated a couple having fertility problems and the reason why the couple with doctor degree failed to conceive a baby after three years of marriage was found to be that the husband had mistaken the belly button of his wife for her vagina! And another civil servant couple had sex for seven to eight times a night, resulting in fatigue and agony, because they thought the more times they had sex, the more likely the wife would get pregnant.

And the sex professor denied sex expert would come to watch and give advice to the patients having sex in the automatic sex bed.

"Giving birth to a healthy baby is like a battle and we can not hide and shun the topic as before. But saying an expert will give advice on the side of the bed where a couple have sex, is overstated, and it does not conform to Chinese ethics. Our program is to give one-to-one advice with the help of pictures and videos to the couples preparing for conceiving a baby." said Mr. Peng Xiaohui.

The hospital boasted of successfully helping a writer named Zhang Yiyi perplexed by infertility after years of marriage to make her wife get pregnant after just one night of having sex in a Second Nuptial Chamber in the hospital.

Infertility rate on rise in China

Infertility treating centers have mushroomed across China since infertility is a growing problem in China ascribed to increasing pressure from work and family, stress, environmental pollution and unhealthy lifestyles. No nationwide epidemiology surveys on infertility have been conducted yet, but reportedly experts have estimated that the infertility rate stood at 3 per cent in the early 1980s, but now a number of regional surveys showing up to 14 per cent of Chinese couples who have regular sex being unable to conceive within a year. It is estimated more than 10 million Chinese couples need assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures.
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