G-String? No, it is a multifunctional condom invented by Guangzhou students


China Economy  Updated:Sat, Nov 16, 2013 07:12 AM   By Bernd Chang


Condom,G String

Structure of the multifunctional condom (or contraceptive G-string if you like to call): 1. G-String part, 2. Condom part, 3. Vertical streaks, 4. Anti-skidding microcapsules, 5. Sacs, 6. Elastics 

A group of six university students from Guangzhou have invented a new fashion of G-String shaped condoms which they claim are more capable of preventing people from contracting sexual diseases.

Sex feeling, G-string, condom are all embarrassing words for most Chinese, but for 20-year-old university junior girl student Kong Yan from the Guangzhou based South Medical University, they are what she talks about almost everyday, Yangcheng Evening News reported.

Thinking the current style of condoms are too small in preventing people from contracting sexual diseases, Kong Yan and four other girls and one male student established a team named "Orient Rise-up" dedicated to the invention of a new fashion of condoms.

After several months of research, the 6-member team invented a detachable G-string shaped condom which they named "Guardian of Love".

Instead of oily lubricant usually provided with a routine condom, the young university students use watery lubricant flavored with Chinese herbs in their invented condom.

And this product is supposed to be used by sex workers rather than family members, they were told by a sexual disease expert.

The ambitious students are now applying for patents for their invention, registering as a company and inviting investors for their multifunctional condoms (or contraceptive G-string) which they expect to snatch a share of the profitable global condom market.

Take a look at their invention above and we wish the young inventors and entrepreneurs good luck.

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