China to become world doctor instead of world police; CAS report says China is healthier than and will replace USA as dominant power of the world by 2049

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China surpass USA,World doctor

50 years ago, Chairman Mao led the campaign of Great Leap Forward aiming to surpass the UK and catch up with USA, only ending in catastrophe and resulting in tens of millions of deaths. But now, China is closer to its long dream of national rejuvenation than any time in the history, thanks to the newly published CAS report.

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) publishes its National Health Report on Tuesday, claiming China is healthier than USA and Japan. Chief researcher of the report expects China to play the role of world doctor instead of world police as the USA currently plays.


Police of the world? No, leave the title to USA forever, China favors the title of world doctor when Chinese dream of national rejuvenation is realized by 2049. “If the 20th century is an American century, then the 21 century belongs to China.

It is not imagination, but a conclusion based on facts of the national health conditions of China and USA.” The freshly published National Health Report by China Academy of Sciences (CAS) also outlines the timetable and road map of the shift of world power:

China has been healthier than USA since 2007; China will surpass USA economically by 2019; China will have higher international standing than the USA by 2049.

It takes the national health study team of CAS ten years to finish the report. The report ranks the 2011 National Health Index (NHI) of China at the 11 place of the some 100 nations, far ahead of the mainstream world powers of USA, UK, France, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Spain.

The report divides the world countries into four groups based on their NHI: health surplus countries, health up-to-standard countries, health deficient countries, and health fragile countries.

China ranks first among the health up-to-standard countries.

Ten countries are evaluated as health surplus countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, and Costa Rico.

The health up-to-standard countries include China, Germany, Netherlands, France, Brazil, Luxemburg, Cuba, Russia, Czech, and Slovakia.

37 countries are regarded as health deficient countries including USA, UK, Japan, South Korea, Italy, and Spain.

43 countries are grouped in the health fragile class and the last ten slots are occupied by Estonia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Uganda, Angola, Iraq, Kenya, Sudan, Haiti, and Afghanistan

China is expected to play the role of world doctor instead world police

The report shows China is distinctly different from USA in aspects of physique, appetite, way of survival and life circle. USA is a consuming, parasitic country while China is a productive and laboring country.

“USA has entered into its life of menopause, appearing to be aging, decaying, conservative and narcissistic, anxious about future, and tends to suffer from climacteric syndrome; while China is in its puberty, growing up rapidly, running fast, having dreams, optimistic, confident, glad to take challenges and changes, and tends to be perplexed by growing pains.”

“Generally speaking, USA remains a country representing power and fortune, but USA is not healthy at all according the health criteria, but a health deficit country instead. China, on the contrary, falling in the group of health acceptable countries, has a promising future and it is only a matter of time that China will surpass the USA.”

“But surely China will not follow the example of USA to play the role of world police even when China surpasses the USA”, Yang Duogui, chief researcher of the national health study team, points out, “instead, China will become the doctor of the world, contributing more to the global development of human civilization, after the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation is realized in 2049 when China surpasses the USA in an all-around way.”

The report is widely mocked by Chinese online citizens.

Before gaining trust from the world, the report finds it is difficult to persuade the Chinese citizens to believe in the imminent national rejuvenation of China. On Chinese social media, the report has received more jeers than cheers.

  • 芙小小仙 of One percent (of national rejuvenation) per year? What a great scientific achievement! They should have drinked too much Maotai (a famous Chinese liquor).
  • A mobile netizen of from Japan: They come out to brag again.
  • A mobile netizen of from Beijing: Those believing are idiots.
  • A mobile netizen of from China: It takes so long before China surpass USA? Didn’t you say China has achieved 63% of the national rejuvenation since long time ago?
  • A netizen of from Europe: Experts from CAS are also so mentally retarded. Can China reach that level? Whom to depend on?
  • A netizen of from Beijing: Very good Chinese dream.
  • A netizen of from Hunan: USA will remain at the spot and wait for you to catch up? Only your tomorrow will be better? “World doctor”? cure your own disease first and then to treat the others! I can’t believe there is such wildly arrogant article!


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