Changsha old man holds out in half demolished 'nail house' that stands on man-made mound in middle of construction site


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Standing on a mound that is several meters high and without any way leading to it, the owner of this partly collapsed nail house in Changsha has to reach his home by a ladder everyday. 

A half demolished nail house standing on a mound in middle of a construction site in Changsha, Hunan province drew nationwide attention on Sunday. The house owner can only reach his home by a ladder.

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In China, a "nail house" refers to a home whose owners refuse to leave and make room for new development. Developers have to elaborately construct around it, often leaving behind an eyesore so awesome that it often looks like an island standing in a sea of rubble and fresh soil,  like the one in Qingdao in Shandong province. And we see a new one today, this time in Changsha in central China’s Hunan province.

The nail house that was widely reported by Chinese online media on Sunday is seen to stand on a mound in middle of a vast construction site in Daigongmiao village, Xingcheng town, Wangcheng district in Changsha city.

The mound takes shape apparently because developer kept excavating the foundation around the house. 

The house owner, He Cuilan, said part of her house has been demolished by developer and his father is still holding his ground in the tottering remaining part of the house.

Since the house stands on the mound which is now several meters high, her father has to reach his house through a ladder everyday.  

In a country where the government technically owns all the land while allowing its citizens to own the houses built on it, the conflict between house owners and the developers who keep usufruct of the land will never come to an end, if not keep increasing. The Changsha nail house is not the first one, and definitely will not be the last one.

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