Baidu,Tencent Issue Joint Statement against 360


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China Internet Market

China's top 1 and top 2 internet companies Tencent QQ and Baidu 

China's top 1 and top 2 internet gigants Baidu and Tencent united 3 other big internet companies and issued a joint statement against 360, a popular security software company in China.

Shenzhen - Afternoon of 27 October, Tencent united Baidu, KingSoft, Maxthon, Keniu and other internet service companies and jointly issued a statement against the "unfair competition of the 360” and called all Chinese internet companies for self-regulation for the healthy development of China's Internet to create a good environment." The 360 Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to 360) responded quickly by exposing the testimony for its claim that Tencent QQ illegally scanned the users’ privacy.

Five companies in a statement "exposing the bad things of 360", said since this year, 360 used the name of "security" to induce users to install its own software and uninstall the softwares of the competitors, so as to achieve unfair commercial interests.

The statement listed the unfair competition conducts during the past years: 360 Security Guards defines Baidu Toolbar as "bad purpose software" and "security vulnerable" to recommend or force users to uninstall it; 360 Privacy Protection, says Tencent QQ spys on user privacy; 360 Security Guards pops up windows reqiring users to uninstall Kingsoft shields network; 360 lets users download its security software free of charge as a means to prevent users from buying software of Keniu, a fledgling security software company.

360 fights back

To the statement of the five companies, 360 responded immediately by issuing a counter-statement, claiming 360 was attached by Tencent due to its purpose of protecting users privacy". The statement said Tencent masterminded the statement for diverting public attention from its illegally scanning users privacy to attacking competitor.

360 said, Tencent is the originator of unfair competition in China's Internet industry. Privacy protection through the 360 and Microsoft Process Monitor have collected sufficient evidence to prove that QQ "security module" is not primarily used for killing Trojans, but illegal scanning computers of users for a variety of information of competitive products. With the 700 "super black lists", Tencent can easily copy popular products of others, then force the users to install their products bundled with QQ chatting tool to form a unfair strike on the competitors.

"The 'super-blacklist ' details will be released by 360 at an appropriate time." 360 said.

According to the latest figures from CNNIC, the number of Internet users in China rose to 420 million at the end this June, the largest in the world. According to Alexa traffic ranking, Baidu( ranks 6th and Tencent( ranks 9th, 360( ranks 265 in the world.

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