Typical street view in China: that is too many advertisements on this pedestrian bridge in Harbin


China Economy  Updated:Mon, Dec 9, 2013 08:33 AM   By Bernd Chang


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Typical street view in Chinese cities: poles, pillars, and walls are covered with these small, simple, rag-like, and usually misleading and even cheating adverts which have earned the nickname as street psoriasis.  

An pedestrian overpass in Harbin is covered with advertising banners, flyers and stickers.

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  • Street advertisement
  • Street advertisement
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  • Street advertisement


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You can see advertising banners, flyers, stickers, tear-offs on road signs, telephone poles, apartment walls in all Chinese cities, but this pedestrian bridge in Harbin appears to have too many of them.

The pedestrian overpass is located near the intersection between Xinshan and Hashuang Road in downtown Harbin, capital city of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province. Much of the surface of the bridge, including the body wall, the piers, the guardrails, and even the ceiling are covered with various advertising banners, stickers and flyers.

And the nearby electricity poles are not spared.

From the content of the simple adverts, most of the banners are apartment advertising, which also reflects the property market is booming in Harbin.

This kind of street advertisements are actually banned in China, but many small companies or individual entrepreneurs often paste them secretly on everywhere that they can draw attention.

Typical street and pole advertising  in China is to promote cheap properties, secret Chinese medicine recipes handed down from ancestors, sexual diseases treatment, painless induced abortion, and of course, sex service and faking certificates.

These adverts can usually last for several days to months before city sanitary workers are dispatched to scrape them off. But usually they will come back soon and thus are given a nickname as street psoriasis which is difficult to eradicate.

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