Zhao Hongxia: sexy Chinese beauty from Chongqing hailed as anti-corruption heroine of China after sexual trysts leading to dismissal of 11 officials


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Zhao Hongxia has become the most widely searched term on Sino Weibo as well as Beidu on Friday, January 25 when the news became headline nationwide that 10 Chongqing officials were sacked directly because they had slept with Zhao. Netizens have hailed Zhao as the anti-corruption heroine of China.

Zhao Hongxia has become the most widely searched term on Sino Weibo as well as Beidu since Friday, January 25, 2013, when the news became headline in Chinese media that the 10 officials of Chongqing were sacked due to involvement in the Chongqing sex-tape extortion scandal.

Zhao Hongxia was the woman that filmed having sex with at least six of the 10 officials, directly leading to the officials' loss of jobs.

Xiao Ye, the boss of Zhao Hongxia, was the mastermind behind the sex-video extortion scandal that hiring pretty women to lure officials to have sexual tryst with them in hotels and in the meantime secretly film the sexual process to extort construction deals.

Is Zhao actually a mistress of officials or just a prostitute hired by Xiao Ye? That is actually not important for the Chinese netizens, who have been enthralled with the girl who fascinated so many high ranking local officials within such short period of time and eventually led to their loss of jobs.

Many Chinese are crazy about to what extent the beauty of Zhao Hongxia can reach that so many high ranking local officials have been lured onto her bed.

Born in 1982 in a poor rural family from Changsha Town, Kaixian County, Chongqing Municipality, Zhao Hongxia has not much to boast of except her beauty. With a egg-shaped face, willow-leaf alike eyebrows, phoenix eyes, black and long hair, a slender and tall figure and white skin, Zhao is a beauty to every Chinese standard. And her character --- lovely, naughty, coquettish adds to her charm.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, Zhao Hongxia left her hometown at the age of 15 to study in a technical secondary school. But she found it hard to find a job after graduation. She worked temporarily as stewardess in hotels and ticket seller in public transportation companies, as nurse in hospitals, and even joined a multi-level marketing company in Guangxi.

In 2007, Zhao Hongxia got acquainted with Xiao Ye who was married through introduction of a friend. Shortly Zhao became the mistress of Xiao and later that year she joined Xiao’s company.

Taking advantage of her irresistible physical beauty and behaving lovely and coquettish before her preys, Zhao Hongxia proved to be the trump card of Xiao in netting the lecherous old men who possessed huge state power.

According to Southern Metropolis Daily, Zhao has been married with one child but could not be reached at the time.

On Friday, Chinese netizens were discussing the scandal on Weibo, China’s twitter-like service, with many hailing Zhao Hongxia as anti-corruption heroine of China.

@???: Haha, sister, the party mother owes you a lot! You were using your body to help the party in the anti-corruption campaign.

@???:?2013 China moved by——Beauty Zhao Hongxia?A girl from Mountain City (of Chongqing), melon-seed like face, phoenix like eyes, tall, slender, coquettish, lovely. She has not been registered with any government institution or state-owned company, she was not given financial subsidy, nor fixed office, but she entered deeply into the nests of wolves, sacrificed herself for the nation, shouldered the difficult but important task of anti-corruption. She fought in the front and captured and toppled down 11 bureau-level officials. We suggest nominating Zhao Hongxia as the woman that has moved China in 2013 and granting her the Pillar of China award!

@???????: A girl from the countryside used her own body as weapons to capture 11 guns (a euphemism for male genitals) including that of Lei Zhengfu, Peng Zhiyong, Fan Mingwen, Luo Guang, Han Shuming, Li Zhiguang etc. Zhao Hongxia provides new idea on how to fight against corruption, although this idea is a little too yellow…How many anti-corruption bureaus do you think Zhao is equal to?

Update on January 30

The famous Chinese independent muckraking journalist Zhu Ruifeng who revealed the sex video tape of Lei Zhengfu, said today he had totall SEVEN sex videos filmed by the extortion ring of Xiao Ye.

And another official named Sun Lida, board chairman of state-owned Chongqing City Investment Group, was anounced by Zhu Ruifeng to be involved in the sex videos, which means at least TWELVE Chongqing officials have been invloved in the sex scandal.
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