Wuhan students design wedding gown with 3-meter long toilet paper to promote low-carbon living style


Sexy China  Updated:Mon, Nov 18, 2013 19:38 PM   By Bernd Chang


Students from Hubei University of Economics in Wuhan designed all styles of wedding gowns with 3-meter long toilet paper to promote low-carbon living style.

A students association in the Law & Commerce College of Hubei University of Economics held a wedding gown design contest on November 15th.

During the contest, a group of 25 student models wearing wedding dresses made of toilet paper made a stir among the spectators when they walked down along the major avenues of the campus.

The wedding gown designed with 3-meter long toilet paper by some members of the association aimed to promote low-carbon environment-friendly living style and the contest intends to cultivate the creativity of the students, Hu Min, the head of the students association told reporters.

However, when pictures of the activity made the rounds on Chinese media, netizens appear to be skeptical about the claim that the activity was to promote environmental protection concept.

NetEase user Laikuhe: It is low-carbon style to fell trees to make paper? Your hype actually has nothing to do environmental protection.

A NetEase user from Beijing:  Don’t you know paper making industry pollutes the environment the most?

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