Hong Kong model criticized as lack of respect for Thai culture after going naked bungee-jumping


Sexy China  Updated:Sat, May 16, 2015 23:04 PM   By Bernd Chang


A Hong Kong model was criticized as disrespecting local culture of Thailand tourist spot for going naked bungee-jumping while the operator was fined of 1000 Baht by Thai police.

After pictures and videos of a woman going naked bungee-jumping in Chiang Mai emerged online, police in Thailand took action immediately and imposed a fine of 1000 baht on the tourist spot operator on Friday May 15 for “allowing obscenity”.

Thai media Bangkok Post report:

When police in Mae Rim heard a pretty young woman was naked at X-Centre Bungee Jump today, they rushed to the scene, only to find the video and photos of the naked tourist spread online were already a week old.

The pretty young woman was later identified as a Hong Kong Chinese, who claimed herself to be a model and wanted the footage of her naked bangee-jumping for her portfolio.

She first wore a bikini but then took it off and jumped.

Major Chinese media covered the story on Sunday May 17 and criticized the Hong Kong model for disrespecting local culture as well as tarnishing the image of Hong Kong tourists.

Thailand is a Buddhist country and tourists should respect its unique culture. If the woman proves to be a Hong Kong citizen, her behavior will make Hong Kong as a whole be criticized by other countries.

Hu Huichong, a Thailand expert in Hong Kong, was cited by Takongpao as saying.

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