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Shu Qi (Chinese: ??) is the stage name of Taiwanese actress born Lin Li-Hui (???). Starting as a nude model and then a softcore porn actress, Shu Qi successfully transformed herself to a mainstream actress through her acting talent and attractive appearance.

Shu Qi (Chinese: ??; pinyin: Sh? Qí), born April 16, 1976 in Taipei of Taiwan, is the stage name of a Taiwanese actress born Lin Li-Hui (???). Her stage name is occasionally romanized as Shu Kei (Cantonese). Her name is sometimes seen in the Western order as Qi Shu.

Shu Qi moved to Hong Kong at the age of 17. She began as a nude model and then in the softcore porn modelling industry, appearing on the cover of Penthouse Hong Kong for February 1995 issue and the Chinese edition of Playboy magazine. Hong Kong filmmaker Manfred Wong was the first to discover Shu Qi , and cast her in several softcore porn films of Hong Kong such as Sex & Zen II in 1996.

Shu Qi is a lucky woman. One of Hong Kong's busiest actresses, the straight-talking Taiwanese sex bomb entered the film business through the back door and gained rapid success, making over 50 movies since her 1996 debut.

Starting out not as an mainstream actress, but as a nude model, Shu Qi has achieved what few trained, veteran actors have - winning three Hong Kong Film Awards, Taiwan's prestigious Golden Horse Award, and making her international debut in 2002's French blockbuster The Transporter.

Hong Kong filmmaker Manfred Wong was the first to discover Shu Qi , and cast her in Sex and Zen 2, a graphic Category III picture with Loletta Lee.

A borderline autobiographical role as a softporn actress in Derek Yee's Viva Erotica won her two Hong Kong Film Awards in 1996.

With Manfred Wong as her manager, she has since worked with distinguished "art-house" directors Ann Hui, Stanley Kwan and Hou Hsiao-Hsien, appeared in music videos with the likes of Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai,sung onstage with Leslie Cheung, and been seen in advertisements all over Asia.

All this from an actress whose early film roles seemed to mandatorily require nudity. Yet Shu Qi's transition to mainstream fare was as unlikely as it was inevitable.

Though her magnetic full lipped sexuality was undeniable, she also has a bubbly, precocious, innocent side to her personality that found its way into her roles.

Her part as Jackie Chan's love interest in Gorgeous was a powerful indication of her crossover success.

It hadn't been long since her days of simulated screen sex with Tsui Kam Kong and Simon Yam; now she was talking about love to dolphins.

Shu Qi narrowly missed international recognition when she was unable to commit to the schedule of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (her role ended up going to Zhang Ziyi).

Her second chance for such exposure has come in the form of Luc-Besson's The Transporter (with Jason Statham), and Corey Yuen's So Close, (with fellow Asian femmes Vicki Zhao Wei and Karen Mok), distributed by Columbia Tristar.

Despite her involvements in softcore porn films during her early stage of career, Shu Qi successfully overcame the pressure arisen from the Chinese conservative culture and gained her popularity through her acting talent and attractive appearance.

Shu Qi represents Frederique Constant in Asia as brand ambassador since 2008. From 2006-2009, she was selected by Kenzo to be part of the third advertising campaign for its successful fragrance, Flower by Kenzo . She also worked as a spokesperson for Shiatzy Chen.

Profile of Shu Qi ??

Chinese Name: ??

English name: Shu Qi, Hus Chi

Real name: ??? / Lin Li Hui

Profession: Actress and model

Birthdate: 1976-Apr-16

Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan

Height: 168cm

Weight: 50.7kg

Three dimensions: 34/24/35 inches

Star sign: Aries

Chinese zodiac: Dragon

Blood type: O

Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, English

Representative films:Sex & Zen II ?????????, Viva Erotica ????, City of Glass ????, Blood Brothers ???, If you are the one ????, etc.

Achievements: 1997 Best surporting actress in the 16th Hong Kong Film Awards; 1998 Best surporting actress in 35th Golden Horse Awards; 2005 Best actress in the 42 Golden Horse Awards

Filmography of Shu Qi

  • Tai Chi Hero (2012)????
  • Tai Chi 0 (2012)
  • The Second Woman (2012)?????
  • Love (2012)
  • 10+10 (2011)
  • The Assassin (2011)???
  • A Beautiful Life (2011)????
  • If You Are the One 2 (2010)????2
  • Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen (2010)???????
  • City Under Siege (2010) ????
  • New York, I Love You (2009)?????
  • Look for a Star (2009)????
  • If You Are the One (2008)????
  • Blood Brothers (2007)???
  • Forest of Death (2007)
  • My Wife is a Gangster 3 (2006) ???
  • Confession of Pain (2006)??
  • Romance of Red Dust (2006)????
  • Home Sweet Home (2005)
  • Three Times (2005) ?????
  • Seoul Raiders (2005) ????
  • The Eye 2 (2004)
  • The Foliage (2003)
  • Looking for Mr. Perfect (2003)
  • Haunted Office (2002)?????
  • The Transporter (2002)
  • Just One Look (2002) (cameo)
  • So Close (2002)????
  • Women From Mars (2002)
  • The Wesley's Mysterious File (2002)
  • Beijing Rocks (2001)?????
  • Love Me, Love My Money (2001)
  • Visible Secret (2001)
  • Millennium Mambo (2001)
  • Martial Angels (2001)
  • For Bad Boys Only (2000)
  • My Name is Nobody (2000)
  • Dragon Heat (2000)
  • Skyline Cruisers (2000)
  • Flyin' Dance (2000)
  • Born to Be King (2000)
  • Hidden Whisper (2000)
  • Unexpected Challenges (2000)
  • My Loving Trouble 7 (1999)
  • Metade Fumaca (1999)
  • When I Look Upon the Stars (1999)
  • The Island Tales (1999)
  • Iron Sister (1999)
  • A Man Called Hero (1999)
  • True Woman (1999)
  • Gorgeous (1999)
  • Extreme Crisis (1998)
  • Another Meltdown (1998)
  • Portland Street Blues (1998)
  • Young & Dangerous: The Prequel (1998)
  • City of Glass (1998) ???
  • Bishonen (1998)
  • Love Generation Hong Kong (1998)
  • The Storm Riders (1998)
  • Young and Dangerous 5 (1998)
  • The Lucky Guy (1998)
  • L-O-V-E... Love (1997)
  • My Dad Is a Jerk (1997)
  • Love Is Not a Game, But a Joke (1997)
  • Those Were the Days (1997)
  • Love: Amoeba Style (1997)
  • The Fruit is Swelling (1997)
  • Till Death Do Us Laugh (1996) ???
  • Street Angels (1996) ???
  • Queer Story (1996)????
  • Growing Up (1996) ??
  • Viva Erotica (1996) ????
  • Sex & Zen II (1996) ?????????
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