Sexy Chinese model Lu Jiali is the most beautiful mistress of officials in eyes of Chinese netizens


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Sexy Chinese model Lu Jiali was one of the most famous mistresses of China. She was a shared mistress to several senior party officials in Shanghai from 2002 to 2006. Lu Jiali has been recently voted as the most beautiful mistress to corrupt officials.

Lu Jiali (Chinese: 卢嘉丽), born in 1975 in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, started to learn dancing from childhood and as a young woman she possessed very good-looking appearance and behaved in a decent manner. She became a model and entertainer before founding her own modeling company. She was reportedly a shared mistress to several business tycoon and senior officials of Shanghai including Zhang Rongkun, Yang Zhongwan, as well as Zhu Junyi from 2002 to 2006. Lu Jiali fled China in 2006 after she was found involved in the Shanghai corruption scandal that toppled that time Shanghai Party Chief Chen Liangyu.

After a group of her pictures taken on seashore and on a fishing vessel circulated online, Chinese netizens were surprised to see Lu Jiali was such a sexy and beautiful Chinese woman! In 2009, Chinese netizens voted Lu Jiali as the most beautiful mistress of corrupt Chinese officials.

Although there is allegation on Chinese internet that the pictures were actually not of Lu Jiali, but of another beautiful Chinese model Zixuan (子璇), most Chinese netizens prefer to believing it was Lu Jiali herself.

It was alleged once online that 95% of corrupt officials of China investigated had at least a mistress. When the corrupt official’s ill gotten gains grow to an extend, possibly only sex bribe can arouse their interest.

According to an online gossip report from China Buzz, in a recent online voting on “who is the most beautiful mistress to the Chinese corrupt officials”, Lu Jiali, the Jiangsu-born and once sexy Chinese model, takes the crown as the prettiest mistress for the second time.

Lu Jiali had become a shared mistress to several senior party officials from 2002 to 2006, and gained a large sum of money from her employer. She fled the country in 2006, after the sex scandal came to light.

Lu Jiali, boasted for her good-looking appearance and decent manner, looking alike top Hong Kong actress Maggie Cheung, was hired in 2002 by businessman Zhang Rongkun (张荣坤), CEO of Shanghai Fuxi Investment Company, to sleep with Zhu Junyi (祝均一), former director of the Shanghai Labor Bureau, who was sacked for abusing his power, in exchange for his cooperation in lending money from Shanghai social security fund for his business.

Since then, Zhang Rongkun’s personal fortune had increased so quickly that he was ever ranked No. 48 in a list for richest Chinese tycoons in 2005. Lu Jiali also pocketed tens of millions of yuan from her job as a mistress, or Ernai (二奶) in Chinese jargon, to Zhu Junyi.

In order to extend her relationship network, Lu Jiali also opened a model agency, pimping models and actresses to powerful officials. She had rented two presidential suites in a luxury hotel in Shanghai especially for these corrupt officials to have their sexy orgies there.

Lu Jiali not just possessed big breasts but also smart brain. The mistress industry usually enables clumsy old cadres to exploit the poverty and youth of beautiful Chinese women all over China, Lu Jiali turned the tables on officials. While providing and arranging sexual services to officials, Lu made sure to secretly tape cadres' sexual indiscretions as 'insurance'.

Such an atrocious sex bribe scandal did not surface until 2006 when Lu arranged an actress to provide sexual service to a former Shanghai senior official in Paris, which was exposed by a local newspaper. Zhang Rongkun was thus investigated too. The sex bribe scandal later evolved into a major corruption scandal of China and saw the imprisonment of Shanghai party Chief and Politbureau member Chen Liangyu (陈良宇) at the acme.

Lu fled the country, and left the sex tapes to Zhang in a hope to help him seek for a lighter punishment.

In late 2006, when former Director of the National Bureau of Statistics Qiu Xiaohua was investigated, it was found Qiu was among those corrupt officials who had been bribed by the wanted fugitive with sex too.
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