Sexy Chinese Model Li Yingzhi shines at Beijing auto show


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22 years old Chinese auto model Li Ying Zhi has caused uproar with her revealing diamond-studded dress at the 2012 Beijing Auto Show.

22 years old Li Ying Zhi is a sexy Chinese girl, a hot Chinese model and internet celebrity. She was born in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Dubbed the “Beauty of Qingdao”, the slender 1.77m-tall model has worked as a catwalk model, car show model, fashion model, dancer and actress. She has competed and won many modeling competitions. You can see why she won by looking at her hot photos especially taken at 2012 Beijing Auto Show.

Li Yingzhi (Chinese:???), as BMW model, wearing a revealing diamond-studded dress at the ongoing 2012 Beijing Auto Show, has become an overnight star. She has become a hot subject of many blogs and almost all major Chinese online news portal after the dress she wore, and certainly, her Pussy-high dress, see-through chiffon, and busty and curvy figure also sparks furious debate among Chinese netizens.

Her Weibo page has over 274,000 fans and she also has a profile on Facebook. She also has an YouTube channel which has already garnered nearly 4000 views.

In December 2010, she was romantically linked to Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee Chan.

Li and several other skimpily-clad car models at the show have caused an uproar among the Chinese online community, with some web users claiming the Auto Show had become more of a “breast show” than a car exhibition.

The 10-day Auto Show, which started on April 23rd and ends this Wednesday, has over 1,125 cars on display. But all the talk has been around the car models, rather than the cars themselves.

What is more, authorities in Beijing have weighed in and issued a "serious reprimand" for the ongoing Beijing auto show 2012 which has stirred controversy for its scantily-clad models. Although the authorities did not finger out the exact model names, many Chinese understand the hinted models at least include Li Yingzhi and Gan Lulu, another model who showed up almost toplessly at Beijing Auto Show.

Profile of Li Ying Zhi

Chinese name:???

English name: Wendy lee

Nationality: Han Chinese

Birth place:Qingdao City, Shandong Province

Birthday:October 3, 1989




Profession:Model, actress

Education: Graduated from Beijing New Face Model School


2009 Runner-up at the Miss International Beauty Queen contest

2010 Champion in the 4th China Fashion & Health Figure Contest

Automobile Model

2012 BMV model at 2012 Beijing Auto Show

2010 Mazda model at 2010 Beijing Auto Show

2011 Hyundai model at Shanghai Auto Show


2010 I understand Feelings of Women ???????

2010 Am I easy??????

2010 72 Renter ?72????

2010 No. 7 Island???7???
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