Sexy Chinese Hostess Ada Liu Yan (??)


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Popular Chinese hostess Ada Liu Yan (????), born in Hunan Province, is nicknamed ‘the sexiest hostess’ in China for her beautiful figure and her unique personality.

Ada Liu Yan (Chinese:??) was born on Nov 8, 1980. Her measurements: 32E 24 34;Height: 164 cm;Weight: 46 kg. Popular Chinese hostess Liu Yan (????) is also nicknamed "the sexiest hostess" in China for her beautiful figure and her unique personality; she is so sexy till boys will glue their face to the TV just to watch her reading boring news for CCTV channel.

After graduated from the Hunan Normal University majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, Liu Yan joined a pageant competition in Hunan and eventually pursued her dream as a TV hostess right after.

In 2004-2007, she moved to Taiwan to be a TV hostess alongside with popular celebrities like Jacky Wu (???). In addition to her participations in movies and TV series filming, Liu Yan tries to enter the music industry and recently launched a new EP album.

Profile of Liu Yan

Name: Ada Liu Yan

Chinese: ??

Nationality: Han Chinese

Birthplace: Hengyang City, Hunan Province

Birthday: November 8,1980

Height: 163cm

Weight: 48kg

Ocupation: Hostess

Education:Graduated from Hunan Normal University

Agent: Hunan Light Media

Chinese zodiac: Monkey

Measurements: 82cm,58cm,92cm
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