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Yang Xin (Chinese: 杨欣) (born September 18, 1982 in Yantai of Shandong) is a famous Chinese actress. Yang Xin with her hot curve, big breasts and professional acting skills is nicknamed Chinese big breasts sister and little Gong Li....More

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Yang Xin,Sexy Chinesea
Yang Xin 杨欣 was born in Yantai City of Shandong Province and has a nickname of Litte Gong Li since she is also a famous Chinese actress and has hot figure. Yang Xin is an actress but actually she studied music in the Shandong Art Academy. So it is not strange she is also a Chinese singer who is preparing her first music album.
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By Bernd Chang

Yang Xin (Chinese: 杨欣) (born September 18, 1982 in Yantai of Shandong) is a famous Chinese actress. Yang Xin has two big breasts and she never hesitate to reveal her hot figure in public. And since she is also professional in acting, she has a nickname Little Gong Li 小巩俐.

Yang started her entertainment career early in 1995, when she was awarded First Class Award and Most Shots Award in the Sibao Model Contest. Afterwards she wan numerous awards in the model and acting contests. In 1996 she became a model for Sansui Electronic. In 1998 Yang Xin joined Xiaoya Group as the image ambassador. In the same year she participated in Rejoice Model Contest and wan the champion in the Shandong Region. In 1999 Yang Xin started to engage in music industry and she wan a First Class Award in the Huyuan Cup TV Singer Grand Contest. In 2000 she was named the most favorite singer by Fujian Southeast TV.

Since she joined Feng Xiaogang (冯小刚) Studio in 2001, Yang Xin have played supporting roles or leading roles in more than ten Chinese TV series and films. In Big Heavyweight 大腕, Mobile Phone 手机 directed by Feng Xiaogang, her performance was well recognized by Chinese audience and she quickly rose to fame and became a wellknown Chinese actress. Recently she starred together with Zhang Guoli, Sun Honglei, Zhang Min etc. first class actors by playing major surporting roles in Young Bao Prince 少年宝亲王, Courtyard of Fan Family 范府大院, Pretty girl coming from small town 小镇来的俏妞.

Although Yang Xin is already a famous Chinese actress, she studied music in university and graduated from Drama Insitute of Shandong Art Academy. So it is not strange that she was professional in music. It is reported that Yang Xin is preparing for issuing her first music album.

Yang Xin never hesitates to show up her measurements of 90, 63,90 cm and this is the reason that she is dubbed big breasts sister of China by her Chinese fans, but actually she inherently was a traditional Chinese women. Her husband Li Yi is her first lover and the last so far. They are living a happy life and they have a son.

Profile of Yang Xin 杨欣

Name: Yang Xin 杨欣

Nickname: Little Gong Li 小巩俐

Birth place: Yantai City, Shandong Province

Birthday: September 18, 1982

Nationality: Han Chinese

Height: 165cm

Weight: 49kg

Three measurements: 90, 63,90cm

Horoscope: Virgo

Chinese zodiac: Dog

Hobbies: Surf on internet, music, singing, gymnastics

Education: Graduated from Shangdong Art Academy

Occupation: Model, Actress, Singer

Marrital status: Married to Li Yi and has a son

Company: Feng Xiaogang Studio

Movies and TV series

  Swordsman Tour 《侠客行》

  Flying Knife Love, a sequel of Flying Knife of Little Li《小李飞刀》续集《飞刀问情》

   Treasury of Love《情爱宝典》

  Family on stage《台上人家》

  2002 Wolf Swordsman《狼侠》

  2002 Happily live《活着乐着》

  2002 Pretty girl coming from small town《小镇来的俏妞》

  2002 Seeing doctor on TV《电视门诊》

  2002 Right down to the heart 《一针见血》

  2003 Background of truth / Price of lies《真相的背后/谎言代价》

  2004 Aroma of May Rose《五月槐花香》

  2004 Courtyard of Fan Family《范府大院》

  2005 Spring Wind of plot in secret《暗算之看风》

  2005 Young Bao Prince《少年宝亲王》

  2006 Truth color of men《男人本色》

  2010 New Dream of the Red Chamber《新版红楼梦》

  Big Heavyweight《大腕》

  Fall in love at fist sight《一见钟情》

  Mobile Phone《手机》

  Swordsman within the border《关中刀客》


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