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Chinese actress and model Liu Yuxin is best known for her role as Gororo Mingyu in the 2011 television series Startling by Each Step. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama.

Chinese actress and model Liu Yuxin (Chinese: 刘雨欣) is one of the fresh faces of a new generation of actors and actresses. Born in 1988 in Hengyang, Hunan province, Liu Yuxin was first known for her role in youth drama Salat Youth 色拉青春 in 2006. She attended the Asia Style and Features Competition in 2005 and won the championship. She got more attention for her surporting role in Hua Mulan 花木兰 in 2009. She rose to stardom for her role as Gororo Mingyu in the 2010 time-travel TV drama Startling by Each Step 步步惊心. And her popularity increases further for her participation in the 2011 Hunan TV program Dancing Miracle 舞动奇迹.

Angel Liu Yuxin graduated from the Central Academy of Drama. She is also a successful Chinese model and has been highly paid as cover girl for many magazines, such as Zhiyin, Ruili, etc.

Yuxin has successfully promoted herself as a sexy Chinese actress. 2011 on a beauty and makeup event organized by, she wore a tight-fitting low-neck dress which made her big breasts almost exposed, and blue blood veins clearly visible near the areola. Though Liu Yuxin successfully became the focus of the spotlight at the event, she received tons of negative comments from the public later. She was criticized to squeeze her breasts too hard. Liu Yuxin responded and blamed the dress was a bit too small on her, and she did not fit it on before the event.

In June of 2012, Liu Yuxin appeared in Hunan Satellite TV’s live program Mango Broadcast and created controversy by changing her clothes underwater and showed up in skin-colored underwear. The pictures and video drew much criticism as soon as they were available online. Some netizens called her a second Gan Lulu, some even asked "What do you have except for revealing your skin?"

Profile of Liu Yuxin 刘雨欣

Chinese Name: 刘雨欣 / Liu Yu Xin

English name: Angel Liu

Also known as: 欣欣 / Xin Xin

Nationality: Han Chinese

Birthdate: 1988-Mar-13

Birthplace: Hengyang, Hunan province

Height: 170cm

Weight: 45kg

Measurements: 89-58-92 cm

Star sign: Pisces

Chinese zodiac: Dragon

Blood type: O

Education: Graduated from Central Academy of Drama in Beijing

Profession: Actress and Model

Representative works: Hua Mu Lan《花木兰》, Bu Bu Jing Xin《步步惊心》, Se La Qing Chun《色拉青春》, Tai Ping Gong Zhu Mi Shi《太平公主秘史》

TV Series

Chu Han Chuan Qi 楚汉传奇 as Lady Qi (2013)

Ji Mo Kong Ting Chun Yu Wan 寂寞空天春雨万 as Madam Nalan (2012)

Tai Ping Gong Zhu Mi Shi 太平公主秘史 as younger Wu Ze Tian (Hunan TV, 2012)

Bu Bu Jing Xin 步步惊心 as Gorolo Ming Yu (Hunan TV, 2011)

Shi Jie Shi Wo Men De (世界是我们的) as Bai Xue (CCTV, 2011)

Bi Ye Shi Ke (毕业时刻) as Bai Xue (CCTV, 2011)

Da Xue Sheng Shi Bing De Gu Shi (大学生士兵的故事) as Jiang Nan (2011)

Te Zhan Xian Feng (特战先锋) as Hu Die (2010)

Chou Nv Wu Di 2 丑女无敌2 as Zi Wei (Hunan TV, 2009, guest)

Se La Qing Chun (色拉青春) as Leng Xue (2006)
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