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Zhu Zhu is a bilingual Chinese actress and TV hostess who got her start as a host for MTV China. Zhu Zhu has relationship with Lapo Elkann,one of the heirs to the Agnelli family empire which owns automobile giant Fiat and Italian football club Juventus.

Zhu Zhu is a bilingual actress and TV host who got her start as a host for MTV China. Besides hosting an English-learning program, she also released a solo album in 2009. Zhu's big screen debut was in the Chinese remake of "What Women Want" (2011) starring Andy Lau. Her follow up role was another role in "The Man with the Iron Fists" (2012), a Universal movie directed by RZA, and produced by Eli Roth, Marc Abraham, among others.

Zhu Zhu was born in 1984 in Beijing. Zhu Zhu was daughter of revolutionary heros of China. Her grandfather was a red army general and participated in Long March during the 1930s. Her father is a successful businessman. As early as in the middle school, Zhu Zhu showed her talent in English learning. She participated in TOFEL exam in the third year of senior middle school and got high mark. She studied Electronic Information Engineering in Beijing Technology and Business University. During the years in the university, she managed to enter Parsons School of Design in New York, but after graducation she chose to return to China to work for MTV. She hosted MTV's English-language programmes and chaperoned Paris Hilton when the socialite was in Shanghai.

Those who know Zhu say she is an intelligent, hardworking and versatile career woman.

Her career achievements include releasing her debut album in 2009, and starring in the 2011 China remake of the Hollywood movie, "What women want".

However, she remained relatively unknown in China, until her relationship with 34-year-old Elkann was exposed. They reportedly met at an exhibition in Beijing last month. Elkann is one of the heirs to the Agnelli family empire which owns automobile giant Fiat and Italian football club Juventus.

Nicknamed "Lapo of Luxury", Elkann has dated a string of women and was named one of the top 25 "sexiest men in the world" by American GQ magazine in 2010.

Pictures of Italian heir Lapo Elkann kissing a Chinese woman during a Serie A championship match last Saturday has sparked a flurry of searches on the Internet for her identity. And it was proved to be sexy Chinese girl Zhu Zhu.

The couple were also spotted strolling down the red carpet in May 2012 at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, wearing matching outfits.

Zhu captured the media's attention, appearing in a sexy black top which left almost nothing to the imagination. Zhu showed the world an oriental beauty’s charm but western-style open personality, wearing a side cut dress in black color.

Zhu Zhu has reportedly signed with a Hollywood agency and plans to take her career global.

Profile of Zhu Zhu

Name: Zhu Zhu, Juju

Chinese name: 朱珠

Birthday: July 19, 1984

Birth place:Beijing

Nationality: Han Chinese

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Occupation: Actress, Hostess

Languages: Mandarin, English

Education: Graduated from Beijing Technology and Business University

Blood type: O

Horoscope: Cancer

Hobbies: Travel, music, movie, shopping

Most favorite jewelry: Ear ring

Most favorite food: Fish

Most favorite music: British Rock、Jazz

Most favorite singers: The Cure、Frank Sinatra、陶喆、顺子

MTV hosting program: 天籁村、Burr、CRISPY NEWS、MTV超级盛典.....


2012 The Man with the Iron Fists 铁拳无敌

2011 An Dong 暗洞惊魂, other stars: 立威廉 / 汤镇业 / 佟丽娅

2011 Snapper 食人草, director: Lujie Qian

2010 What Women Want 我知女人心, Director: Daming Chen
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