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Controversial Chinese celebrity Gan Lulu (???) is a Chinese model and actress living in Beijing. Graduated from Central Academy of Drama in 2008, Gan Lulu is nicknamed as 'China's top nude model' for her boldness to wearing almost nothing before public.

Gan Lulu (???) is a controversial Chinese model and actress from Beijing, China. Graduated from Central Academy of Drama (??????) in 2008, Lulu has appeared in several movies, dramas and TV advertisements. Dubbed as "China's top nude model", 26 years old sexy Lulu definitely isn’t camera shy and often artistically photo-shoot wearing almost nothing.

Gan Lulu (???) gained the public attention the first time as she expected after her mother uploaded a video clip of her naked in a shower by claiming to look for a husband for her. A video called “Bathroom marriage-seekers” which was uploaded on Valentine’s Day of 2011, proved to be a big hit on the internet. In the nude video, a mother rushes into a bathroom to film her daughter bathing. The mother claimed that the video would help her daughter Gan Lulu, find a partner, since she was now old enough to get married. Soon afterwards, Gan Lulu launched her own photo album together with Zhao Ming, another hot and sexy star who shot to fame because of her role in the movie Let the Bullets Fly. Entitled “Protect your breasts”, the album shows a number of steamy shoots of Gan Lulu and Zhao Ming wearing hot and sexy dresses.

Despite of criticisms, Gan and her mother continued to act as stupid to sell her out. On a TV talk show, Gan's mother exposed that Gan already had sexual reaction when she was about one year old and "seeing" her parents having sex. And then for unknown reasons, Gan's mother got furious to push Gan off the stage of the show, and scolded her with foul language and beat her too right at the recording scene. But Gan turned to the camera to say that her mother beat her because she loved her.

Recently, Gan Lulu stripped fully naked again and shot another set of nude photos with her mother covering her breasts with hands.

During 2012 Beijing Auto Show, Gan Lulu, accompanied by her mother, showed up as a car model almost toplessly, drawing too much of the spotlight that even Beijing authority weighted in and issued a "serious reprimand" for the auto show. Although the authorities did not finger out the exact model names, many Chinese understand the hinted car models at least include Li Yingzhi and Gan Lulu.

The criticism from authority and the public does not stop Gan Lulu and her mother from keeping challenging the tolerance of the public and authority.

On May 23, 2012, Gan Lu Lu was spotted at a Kitchen & Toilet Utensils Exhibition taking place in Shanghai wearing a weird and wacky dress, with a sloping shoulder, and one side of pants totally removed off making the side of her crotch (and fatty buttock too) visible to the masses!

Most of Chinese netizens comment negatively of Gan Lulu for her boldness to expose her naked body. Many netizens think Gan Lulu is selling her flesh for making money.

Profile of Gan Lulu

Name: Gan Lulu ???

Nickname: Lucy, Luer, Lulu

Birthplace: Shangcheng City of Henan Province

Living place: Beijing

Birthday: November 1, 1985

Blood Type: AB

Height: 165cm

Weight: 43kg

Measurements: 35D 24 35


School: Beijing Dance Academy, Central Academy of Drama

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