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Vivian Hsu (Chinese: ???; pinyin: Xú Ruòxu?n; born March 19, 1975 in Taichung, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese singer, actress, and model who has gained remarkable popularity in East Asia,

Vivian Hsu (Chinese: ???; pinyin: Xú Ruòxu?n; born March 19, 1975 in Taichung, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese singer, actress, and model who has gained remarkable popularity in East Asia, mainly in Taiwan and Japan.

Hsu rose to prominence in Japan, where she made her first appearance in 1995 and has become a highly-recognized celebrity with her countless appearances in media during the late 1990s.

She was also the main vocalist for the Japanese dance band Black Biscuits. Black Biscuits released four singles, Stamina, Timing, Relax, Bye-Bye, and one album Life. All of these four singles reached the top 5 spots of the Oricon singles chart, and Life reached #6 in the album chart.

Vivian has appeared in a number of movies and television programs both in Taiwan and in Japan. She appeared in the ambitious 2006 mainland China-Taiwan-Hong Kong collaboration "The Knot", a romance movie that takes place between the CCP takeover of mainland China and the present. Her debut film is "Shaolin Popey" (1994), a comedy which became a box office hit in Taiwan and Hong Kong (Vivian played the dream lover of the male lead in this film). Then she surprised people by getting naked in three films: "Hunting List"(1994), "Angel Hearts"(1995) and "Devil Angel"(1995). Before breaking into the Taiwan acting scene, she starred in Hong Kong's L-O-V-E Love….

She also has some experience as a seiyu (voice actress), having voiced Aisha in Gundam SEED for three episodes.

She played the role of Chao Jia Le in Love Storm (2003), alongside Vic Chou and Ken Chu. She also composed and sang the opening theme for this series, ???? (py. Juédìng Ài N?, en. Decide to Love You), which was released as a single in 2003.

As with many actors and actresses, she appears from time to time in commercials and as spokesperson for various causes. A complete list of these uncreditable roles (through 2002) can be found at this career timeline.

In 2006,Vivian played a role in movie???? The Shoe Fairy of Do Do. The Shoe Fairy is a modern day fairy tale. One which isn't kind to its genre to begin with, highlighting the evil witch and wolf characters and their impending bloody demise in each tale. The Chinese title "Ren Yu Duo Duo" will already hint about the fairy tale from which this movie draws its inspiration from, with "Ren Yu" being mermaid (in this context).

Profile of Vivian Hsu

Name: ??? / Hsu Jo Hsuan (Xu Ruo Xuan)

English name: Vivian Hsu

Japanese name: ??????? / Bibian Su

Real name: ??? / Hsu Shu Chuan (Xu Shu Juan)

Birthdate: 1975-Mar-19

Birthplace: Taichung, Taiwan

Height: 161cm

Weight: 42kg

Star sign: Pisces

Chinese zodiac: Rabbit

Blood type: A

Talent agency: HY.Brothers

TV Shows

Love Strategy (Hunan TV, 2008)

Till Death Do Us Apart (2006)

Love Storm (2003)

Honke no Yome (NTV, 2001)

TV Show Theme Songs

Yi Qi Zou (???) Walk Together, with Kim Jung Hoon, Love Strategy opening theme song (Hunan TV, 2008)

Hao Yan Lei Huai Yan Lei (??????) Good Tears, Bad Tears, Corner with Love insert song (2007)

Jue Ding Ai Ni (????) Decided to love you, from Love Storm (2003)


Hot Summer Days (2010)

The Knot (2006)

The Shoe Fairy (2005)

One Last Dance (2005)

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (2002)

The Accidental Spy (2001)

Chivalrous Legend (1999)

Your Place or Mine (1998)

We're No Bad Guys (1997)

L-O-V-E. (1997) (as Shu Chuan Hsu)

Shoot, My Darlin' (1997)

Adventurous Treasure Island (1996)

Dragon from Shaolin (1996)

Angel Hearts (1995)

Devil Angel (1995)

Xiao lin xiao zi (1994)
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