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Beautiful Chinese actress Jiang Wenli (蒋雯丽), born in Bengbu, Anhui province, has won numerous awards for her high performance in many movies and TV dramas. Graduating from Beijing Film Academy in 1992, Jiang Wenli was married to famous Chinese movie director Gu Changwei in 1993. ...More

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Jiang Wenli,Gu Changweia
Jiang Wenli is an orthodox and classic Chinese actress, but she can also look sexy, doesn't she?
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By Bernd Chang

Beautiful Chinese actress Jiang Wenli (Chinese: 蒋雯丽), born in 1969 in Bengbu of East China’s Anhui province, has won numerous awards for her high performance in many movies and TV dramas. Graduating from Beijing Film Academy in 1992, Jiang Wenli was married  to Chinese movie director Gu Changwei in 1993. From Hand in Hand 牵手 to Treatment Gua Sha 刮痧 and to Da Zhaimen 大宅门, Jiang has gained recognition and high popularity among the Chinese audience for her highly professional performance. Jiang was voted as one of the most beloved women and the best wife in Japan when the Sino-Japan co-produced TV series Son of Land 大地之子 were aired in Japan in 1994. Jiang Wenli won Excellent Actress award in the 28th Feitian TV Awards in 2011.

Jiang Wenli was born on June 20, 1969 in an intellectual family in Bengbu city, Anhui province. Her father was an engineer and mother worked as telephone receiver in the local railway bureau. Both of her parents were interested in arts and works. Her mother sent her to learn dancing and gymnastics when she was young. 

At the age of 17, she took the college entrance examination and got accepted by a water conservation secondary school. After graduation from this secondary school in 1986 she started to work in Bengbu City Water Company. Her job was to design ways of water transportation for residents. 

It seems she would work as an ordinary woman worker for the rest of her life. But opportunity always falls on those prepared for it. In a dancing competition organized by the nationwide urban construction association, Jiang was sent to the competition as team leader of dancing. Her performance won praise of the director of the dancing team, who asked her “You are professional at dancing, why not take the entrance exam to Beijing Film Academy?” 

In Autumn 1988, Jiang Wenli came to Beijing and easily passed the entrance exam to Beijing Film Academy. Her life has since completely changed. 

Ever since she entered the elite film academy, acting invitations have been sent to her one after another. Her first acting role was a nursery school teacher in the TV series The Lily on Cliff 悬崖百合, which won  Feitian TV Awards of that year and she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress Award. After her successful debut in the entertainment industry, she played Shuixiu in a movie named Li Li Yuan Shang Cao 离离原上草. Before graduation, she starred in the film The Story of Xing Hua 杏花三月天 as the leading role Xing Hua. After graduation she went to America for several years and returned to China in 1992 to continue her career.

After coming back to China, she played a role in Chinese director Miaomiao Liu’s movie Who you think you are 你以为你是谁. In 1993, she played an important role in movie Farewell My Concubine 霸王别姬, which won the Best Movie Award at French Cannes Film Festival of that year. In 1999, she starred in the TV series Lead by the Hand 牵手, which earned her Best Actress award in the TV Drama Golden Eagle Awards.

The year 2001 proved to be the year when she rose to super stardom. Her acting skills became more widely recognized for her performance in the movie The treatment Gua Sha 刮痧 which starred Hong Kong actor Tony Leung. She played a role in the 40-episode TV drama Da Zhai Men 大宅门 as legendary heroes Bai Yuting. Also in the same year, she co-starred with famous Chinese actor Wang Zhiwen in the TV drama Black Ice 黑冰, which tells the story of police cracking down on drug smuggling gang. Black Ice was the most popular TV drama in 2001 in China. In 2002 she acted in 30-episode TV drama Special Citizen 非常公民. In 2003, Chinese Style Devoice 中国式离婚 starring her were one of the most watched TV series in China. In 2007, the TV series Golden Wedding (金婚 Jin Hun) were again the yearly one of the most watched TV series. In 2011, the TV series Happiness Knocks on the Door (幸福来敲门 Xing Fu Lai Qiao Men) starring her were among the top 3 most watched TV dramas in China.

Jiang Wenli married Chinese director Gu Changwei 顾长卫 in 1992. Shortly after they were married, they lived for several years in USA. It was reported that Jiang Wenli has become a USA citizen.

Jiang Wenli and Gu Changwei are said to love each other very deeply. However,  In June 2013, the official Weibo of Southern Metropolis Daily Entertainment Weekly revealed citing insiders that Jiang Wenli has an affair with 27 years old actor Huang Xuan 黄轩 who is 16 years younger than Jiang. The revelation immediately became headlines across China and the gossip has gone viral on Chinese social media. 

Huang Xuan was born in 1985 and he graduated from Beijing Dance Academy. Huang Xuan entered the TV drama industry only after 2010. In 2012 Huang acted in TV drama Nv Ren Bang 女人帮 and Bai Xiang, both of which starred Jiang Wenli and in which they were playing a pair of lovers. 

Profile of Jiang Wenli 蒋雯丽

  • Chinese Name: 蒋雯丽 / Jiang Wen Li
  • Birthday: June 20, 1969
  • Birthplace: Bengshan, Bengbu, Anhui, East China
  • Height: 169cm
  • Weight: 54kg
  • Star sign: Gemini
  • Chinese zodiac: Rooster
  • Blood type: A
  • Education: Beijing Film Academy (1988-1992)
  • Profession: Actress
  • Family: Two older sisters, husband/cinematographer/director Gu Chang Wei (since 1993), son and daughter
  • Talent agency: Stellar Megamedia Group
  • Representative works: The Treatment Gua Sha 刮痧, Chinese style devoice 中国式离婚, Black Ice 黑冰, Golden Wedding 金婚
  • Awards: Excellent Actress award in the 28th Feitian TV Awards in 2011, Best Actress award at Golden Eagle TV Awards in 1999

TV Series

  • Mother will marry 娘要嫁人 as Qi Zhifang (2013)

  • Love is most beautiful 爱情最美丽 as Niu Meili (2013)

  • Nu Ren Bang 女人帮 as Zhu Li (2012)

  • Xing Fu Lai Qiao Men 幸福来敲门 as Jiang Lu (CCTV, 2011)

  • Zhen Han Shi Jie De Qi Ri 震撼世界的七日 as Dr. Du Li Juan (CCTV, 2008)

  • Jin Hun 金婚 as Wen Li (2007)

  • Yu Qing Shao 玉卿嫂 as Yu Qing Shao (2005)

  • Breathe Deeply 深呼吸 as Xiao Xiu Meng (2005)

  • Chinese Style Divorce 中国式离婚 as Lin Xiao Feng (2003)

  • Hao Xiang Hao Xiang Tan Lian Ai 好想好想谈恋爱 as Tan Ai Lin (2003)

  • Da Zhai Men 2 大宅门2 as Bai Yu Ting (2003)

  • Fei Chang Gong Min 非常公民 as Wan Rong (2002)

  • Black Ice 黑冰 as Wang Jing Wen (2001)

  • Da Zhai Men 大宅门 as Bai Yu Ting (CCTV, 2001)

  • Emergency Line (警戒线) as Li Jing (2000)

  • Qian Shou (牵手) as Xia Xiao Xue (1997)

  • Ri Luo Zi Jin Cheng (日落紫禁城) as Zhen Fei (concubine Zhen) (1997)

  • Qian Nian Deng Yi Hui (千年等一回) as Ah Xiu (1997)

  • Da Di Zhi Zi (大地之子) as Jiang Yue Mei (1994)

  • Shen He Yuan (神禾塬) as Mei Li (1993)

  • Pao Ma Liu Liu De Shan Shang (跑马溜溜的山上) as Li Da Jie (1991)

  • Xuan Ya Bai He (悬崖百合) as Teacher Su Shan (1989)


  • And the Spring Comes as Wang Cai Ling (2008)
  • Network Mommy / Wang Luo Ma Ma (2007)
  • Yi Niang Dao Tou (2007)
  • Taiwan Wang Shi as Mother (2003)
  • Gua Sha as Jian Ning (2000)
  • Nu Shuai Nan Bing as Wen Jie (1999)
  • Mister Zhao / Zhao Xian Sheng as Lin Cao (1997)
  • Cat's Eye / Mao Yan as Chinese Princess (1997)
  • Xing Hua San Yue Tian as Xing Hua (1992)
  • Farewell My Concubine / Ba Wang Bie Ji as Xiao Dou Zi's mother (1992)


  • 28th Flying Sky Television Awards: Best Actress for Xing Fu Lai Qiao Men (2011)
  • 2011 Spring Internet TV Festival: Best Actress for Xing Fu Lai Qiao Men
  • Hua Biao Awards: Best Actress for "Taiwan Wang Shi" (2004)
  • Hua Biao Awards: Best Actress for "Nu Shuai Nan Bing" (1999)
  • Golden Eagle Television Awards: Best Actress (1999)
  • Flying Sky Television Awards: Best Actress for Qian Shou (1997)



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