Guo Meimei – The pretty Chinese girl who almost completely destroyed the credibility of China’s official charity organization the Red Cross of China


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Pretty and wealthy Chinese girl Guo Meimei who has destroyed the reputation of the Red Cross Society of China in 2011, found herself back in the spotlight this month after she held luxurious party to celebrate her 22nd birthday in Macao.

Pretty and wealthy Chinese girl Guo Meimei who nearly destroyed the reputation of the Red Cross Society of China in 2011, found herself back in the spotlight in middle of this month after she held high-profile and luxurious party to celebrate her 22nd birthday in Macao.

Guo Meimei published a group of photos of birthday celebration through her Weibo account @郭美美baby that were taken in Macao on June 16, 2013. On the night of 15th, Guo Meimei rented an entire luxury bar in Macao to celebrate her 22nd birthday. 

The extravagancy of the birthday party is easily seen from the pictures with fireworks bursting in the large dancing hall,  Guo Meimei Happy Birthday displayed on large-screen, and group of people being indulged in bier and alcohol. 

The luxurious and high-profile birthday party of Guo has sparked new wave of outrage among Chinese netizens who have been groaning about the unidentified fortune of Guo and the connection of her fortune to the Red Cross Society of China.

Guo Meimei scandal that rocked China’s Red Cross

Guo Meimei, or @郭美美baby on Weibo, is a wealthy Chinese girl who almost single-handedly destroyed the credibility of the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC). 

Guo Meimei has been obsessed in flaunting her extravagant lifestyle online, posting photos of herself reclining on her Maserati and Lamborghini or clutching her lime green Hermes bag. 

She has been since dubbed as Wealth-flaunting girl by her followers on Weibo. Actually such wealth flaunting is of no problem except drawing some jealosy. What triggered the infamous Guo Meimei Scandal is when then 20-year-old Guo claimed in 2011 that she was the “General Manager of Red Cross Commerce”, which was verified by Sina Weibo, China’s equivalent microblogging service to Twitter. Guo’s self-identified and Weibo-verified connection to the Red Cross outraged netizens, who already suspected that Red Cross donations were being misused.

The furious netizens began to question whether Guo had financed her lifestyle out of money that had been donated to the society and started a human flesh search to find out the identity of Guo Meimei and her connection with the Red Cross Society and they soon dug out what they said was proof that Guo's suspected boyfriend, Wang Jun, was a board member of the Zhonghong Bo'ai Asset Management Ltd. Corp., a for-profit company connected to RCSC. 

However, Guo later denied on her microblog that Wang Jun was her boyfriend. 

The official charity of China later conducted an investigation into the Guo Meimei scandal with the help of government agencies,  and issued a report saying that Guo had nothing to do with the RCSC. In a country where government credibility is extremely low, few Chinese believe in the official account. 

A shameless wealth-flaunting girl, a scapegoat, or a anti-corruption heroess? 

The TIME cover featuringTwenty-year-old Guo Meimei with the cover language “I Am Not the Hero, I Am the Fool!”  surfaced on Chinese internet in early July 2011 and went viral on Weibo. But actually it was a photoshoped one, which was confirmed shortly by Time managazine.

The Guo Meimei scandal and the unconvincing official investigation report seriously damaged the already low reputation of the RCSC, which has seen donation from Chinese individuals dropping sharply in China.   

Guo Meimei has since been condemned, cursed fiercely across Chinese social media. But as some Chinese netizens point out, Guo can make fortune just because there is huge dark hole in the official charity organization. Guo is actually just a scapegoat for the Red Cross of China. When Chinese people use the most devil words on her, they actually point at the RCSC.

And some Chinese netizens go a step further by calling Guo a heroess, aligning her alongside with other famous women such as Zhao Hongxia, Chang Yan who helped to disclose the corruption in Chinese government.

"Thanks Guo Meimei, I will never donate money to RCSC", said one netizen.

"I will save a lot of my hard-earned money. Guo Meimei is a Chinese hero", said another.

Does the alleged Guo Meimei sex tape of 17.2G really exist?

After a 6.6-magnitude earthquake shook Ya’an, Sichuan Province in April 2013, Guo Meimei resurfaced in online discussions, while a sex tape as large as 17.2G allegedly featuring the young woman having sex with high ranking officials of the RCSC trended on Chinese social media. 

However, Guo Meimei denied the existence of such sex tape. And shortly some top Chinese anti computer virus companies warned the public that the so called seeds for downloading the sex video were actually Trojan virus.

Suffering from a lack of donations, it was reported at the end of the April 2013 that the Red Cross of China would reopen the investigation into Guo scandal—a promise the organization quickly denied.

Guo Meimei had cosmetic surgery?

Shortly after Guo Meimei held her luxury birthday party in Macao, some Chinese netizens revealed a group of pictures they claimed to be of teenage Guo. Comparing her appearance in the old pictures and the current ones, Chinese netizens claimed that Guo Meimei had cosmetic surgery, and "in large scale".

Guo Meimei has not responded to this new allegation so far.

Profile of Guo Meimei

  • Chinese name: Guo Meimei, 郭美美
  • Original name: Guo Meiling, 郭美玲
  • Nicknamed by the public: Wealth flaunting girl
  • Birthday: June 15, 1991
  • Birth place: Changsha, Hunan province
  • Height: 163cm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Constellation: Gemini
  • Chinese zodiac: Goat
  • Profession: Model, actress
  • Representative works: Beauty talks《美丽会说话》, Passionate Youth《激浪青春》, Affair in girl dormitory 《女生宿舍那点事儿》
  • Education: Graduated from Hunan Foreign Economic College, Beijing Cinema Academy
  • Weibo account: @郭美美Baby


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