Four sexy beauties bare their back and invite tourists to scrawl graffiti on their skin when the Luoyang scenic spot declines their request to spare a place for tourists to do so


Sexy China  Updated:Wed, Jun 5, 2013 10:51 AM   By Bernd Chang


Four women stripped off their clothes, baring their back and inviting tourists to scrawl on their skin, when their request that the management of the scenic spot of Yangzigou in Luoyang city, Henan province, designate an area for tourists to scrawl and inscribe anything they like, was declined.

It is well known that a big number of Chinese have the habit of scrawling graffiti and inscribing something like "I was here" on whatever they see wherever they have traveled.

So why not just satisfy the demands of this certain number of Chinese tourists and set up an area in the scenic spot to allow them to scrawl graffiti and carve their names or anything else as much as they like?

Ah, yes, it seems the four sexy beauties just think in this way (but maybe not according to Chinese commentators). But the management of Yangzigou scenic spot in Luoyang city, Henan province, abruptly declined their request to spare a specific area to allow tourists to leave their names inscribed or carved there.

Not possible? OK, we will satisfy the needs of these group of tourists and allow them to sign their name or write whatever they like on our own body!

The four women took action immediately and stripped off their shirts and trousers, revealing most of their skin except where is usually covered by a bikini suit!

Holding banners on which “I was here”, “Let me scrawl as much as I like”  are written, the four young hot beauties also have the four Chinese characters meaning “I was here” written on the skin of their naked back.

Although more and more Chinese understand it is not good habit of scrawling graffiti on anything in any tourist spot after a 15-year old Chinese teenager and his parents have received nationwide condemnation last month when the teenager Ding Jinhao carved his name on a stone sculpture in an ancient Egyptian temple, there were still daring tourists who came up to the beautiful young ladies and signed their names on the skin of the beauties.

The bold tourists were welcomed by the beauties, and not criticized by the keepers of the scenic spot, but they can not avoid being condemned or jeered by some sensitive netizens.

"Those signed on the skin of the four beauties are too stupid to understand the women did so to expose their bad habits", commented a user on

Other comments appear to be very yellow (erotic) and very violent like this one:

"The girls should reveal their buttocks or breasts for tourists to sign their names", comments a user.

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